Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - April 28, 2010

We continue with opposites today and this week we're gonna look at 6 words instead of 7.

1) All - zenbu (全部, ぜんぶ)
2) None - nashi (
3) Together - issho (
一緒, いっしょ)
4) Apart - hanareru (離れる,
5) Man - otoko (
男, おとこ)
6) Woman - onna (
女, おんな)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Steve Aoki Returns @ Euphoria, Ministry of Sound

All great thing comes in sequels.
For this year, there's already a number of movie sequels that's highly anticipated coming out.
The likes of:
Toy Story 3, IP Man 2, Iron Man 2.
And then there's also the Internet Reality TV Show Project Alpha coming out with Season 2.

And guess who's sequel-ing to Malaysia again?
Steve Aoki!!!

The last time Steve Aoki was in town, he was at the Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. But this time around, he's gonna be playing at Sunway, Euphoria, Ministry of Sound! :)

The date: May 1, 2010 (A Saturday and a Public Holiday to boot! So no excuse in missing it. :P)
The time: 9.30pm - 3.00am.

Promotions that are happening:
RM788 nett for 2 bottles mix & match of any of the following before 12am:
1) Chivas Regal 12 years.
2) Absolut Blue Vodka
3) Beefeater Gin
4) Havana Rum
5) Olmeca Gold Tequila

or you can go for:
RM858nett for 1 bottle of Muum Champagne with any of the bottle above.
This'll entitle you for 7 passes.

So the stage is set and about to rocking.
I'm in the House with Steve Aoki in the house. Are you in the house? XD

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - April 21, 2010

Today, we're gonna look at opposites. Since opposites go in pairs, there'll be 8 words today.

1) Kind - yasashii (優しい, やさしい)
2) Cruel - hidoi (
酷い, ひどい)
3) Bright - mabushii (
4) Dark - kurai (暗い, くらい)
5) Long - nagai (
長い, ながい)
6) Short - mijikai (
短い, みじかい)
7) Correct - tadashii (
正しい, ただしい)
8) Wrong - machigau (間違う,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - April 14, 2010

Today, we're looking at Japanese words that resembles English (or taken from English straight).
Words that have English origin or is taken from English is usually written in Katakana form.

1) Computer - konpyuuta (コンピュータ)
2) Television - terebi (
3) Radio - rajio (
4) Beer - biiru (
5) Shirt - shattsu (
6) Orange - orenji (
7) Camera - kamera (

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaskade at Euphoria - Ministry of Sound

Yesterday's party at Euphoria - Ministry of Sound rocks! It was a great party with DJ Kaskade spinning his sounds at the decks.
This was the DJ that was playing prior to Kaskade.

I don't know who he is but he's not bad.
The crowd that was around at around 12.30am while he was playing.

And then the man whom everyone was waiting to come on appeared.

Even without having played anything yet, already he's fired up the dance floor with people screaming all over.

He came on around 1.30am, if I recall correctly.

Those African people in the crowd are really crazy.

They push, they shove like nobody business (one of the downside in Euphoria - MOS, lots of them) in the end I settled for a place nearby the DJ instead.

Oh and there's hired dancers in the background too. Which I didn't bother to watch. :P

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Hey, sorry for not keeping up with my schedule on 7 Japanese Words a Week yesterday for I was attending the launch of Project Alpha Season 2 event which was followed by the screening of the movie, "Kick Ass".

Have been really busy nowadays and have yet to find the time to post new blog posts. But I'll do my best. :P

Monday, April 05, 2010

New Camera Test

I bought a new camera recently since my old one died on me.
It's the Panasonic Lumix LX-3.

I took it out with me yesterday to test it out.

The "new & improved" Chinese Tea Ice, comes with straw. LOL. A simply take picture without flash.

A simply take picture with flash. XD

Dinner is served.....without flash.

Dinner is served with flash. Hmm, think I'll skip using flash.

Ugh, gotta re-learn using a camera to take good pics.

Okay lah, not bad. hehe

Aiks, didn't manage to focus on all three.

Later on, I went Honeymoon with a guy. Serious!

Honeymoon. I didn't lie. hahaha. A place called Honeymoon where they serve desserts.

mmmm, think I'll have that one, E1. Called Colorful World is it?

wooo, quite colorful also. :D

End of test. Noms time :P