Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Uniquely Singapore - Merlion Park

Ok, I've been putting off the last post of my Singapore trip for too long, sorry.

The last destination after the Esplanade that we went to was the Merlion park.
Night time is quite an ideal time to go there because it's quite the romantic spot to be in.
And although there's many people around taking pictures and hanging out near the Merlion statue, there's still nice, quiet spots that you can be with your loved ones, just don't go too near to the Merlion statue.

Anyway, the ambiance was romantic, on a cool night surrounded by the sea, with beautiful scenery around and the sweet serenity sound of the water spewing from the Merlion statue, acting as a fountain.

There's two Merlion statues at the Merlion park near Esplanade, one is the smaller statue:

and then there's the bigger one which a lot of people love photographing with.

The platform that is surrounded by the sea brings out a beautiful night view all around.

I would totally recommend going during night time, since during the night, the brightly lit buildings all around showcases a lovely display of beauty and the weather wouldn't be scorching hot over the suns rays.

And that concludes my remarkable trip and tour around Singapore.
The next morning was a lazy one for me and my mum.

We went for breakfast nearby the hotel close to 10am.

Am still pleasantly happy with the folks near the hotel area speaks Cantonese rather than Mandarin (because I'm lousy with my Mandarin).

This is what we had for breakfast. Porridge with orders of vegetables and meat.
Haven't had these for quite sometime. ^.^


Ken Wooi said...

i think i saw the merlion before, when i was a little boy.. haha =)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, it's time to revisit it. :)
Best place to see it, at Merlion Park!

Relationships said...

What a fantastic fountain.
It sounds like you had a very educational and tasty trip~