Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Week Break

I'll be taking a break from blogging for a week.
Will be back next Monday~

Feeling kinda moody at the moment. Just don't possess the motivation and inspiration to post down anything~

Hopefully, I'll recover soon. Nevertheless, regardless of what happens, I'll post something up next Monday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week

Fruits is going to be the topic for this week.

1) Banana - banana ( バナナ)
2) Apple - ringo (
3) Grapes - budou (
4) Strawberry - ichigo (
5) Orange - orenji (
6) Pear - nashi (
梨, なし)
7) Watermelon - suika (

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heineken Green Space

This happened at the end of last month, January 31, 2010.
I've gotta say, this is truly a very unique setting.
A music party on a lazy Sunday morning? Making it like the Saturday mornings you wake up to as a child in the 80s? Jointly brought to you by The Breakfast Club serving you awesome brunch for the whole event? That's creativity for you!

The venue that held this event would be this place:

Public grounds for play. This is at TTDI Plaza smack dab in the center of the shops all around, an open aired space.
Arrived quite early at the event to look around. All I've gotta say is the setup of the place for the event was fabulous. You should've seen the details they've made specially for the event!
Keep in mind that this is having the theme of reliving your childhood Saturdays in the 80s (or whatever era you are as a kid) where you eagerly wake up in the morning to rush down for your morning activities (which most of us would be glued to the tv sets over Saturday morning cartoons over breakfast!)

Take a look at the picture above. They've remade the TV to look like your olden days TV complete with antenna and dial knob and these TVs were all around on table ends playing 80s movies on a DVD/CD player.
This set was playing Back To The Future III. Very retro.

That yellow box on top of the TV set is actually a box of crayons and the green table mat on the table is where you can take the crayons to play join the dots on it. No kidding!

The stage was set for entertainers to present to us but it looks quite a messy setup.

Probably because other decors of the place is all cramped up right here.

There are some chill out lounge places and also some deck chairs put up. The tables at the lounge sofas contains board games on them. They had snakes & ladders, Jenga and others. Very amusing to find those around.

If you love console games then they've got DJ Hero all ready to be played.
Or if you want some exercise the physical kind:

you can play some ping-pong (also known as table tennis).

There's loads of Heineken stocked up at the kiddy pool where they later chill it more with ice thrown on top of it ready for eager drinkers to consume.

The main thing I simply adore the most is the great brunch served.

Mind you the eggs weren't there in the earlier part of the morning. A more healthier choice were produced earlier which was some fruits mainly apples.
As you can see, there's tomatoes, baked beans, toasts (which were bananas earlier), cornflaikes with milk.

Mushrooms, frankfurters, beef sausages and fries and my fave!!! Pig meat. :P
Bacon and pork sausages. I simply love, love, love the bacon.
Never in my life have I eaten so much bacon.

Notice the unique signs that displays what is being served.
Instead of the usual words that tells you what it is, they decided to put up picture signs to tell you what it is instead! For example there's a cow picture for the beef sausages and a picture of tomato for tomatoes and an open can symbolizing tinned canned food for the baked beans.
It's truly a wonderful breakfast. It looks like a hotel buffet. Only thing is this is really delicious.
There's also waffle pancake freshly made for you upon request if you ever want to have one.

Over at the drinks bar, you can have the usual morning favorites which are tea, coffee, and/or orange juice.
you can try out the special concoction Heineken Smoothie which is specially blended using mixtures of banana, cucumbers, Monin

and of course, the other main ingredient:

Heineken beer.
All mixed in a blender with ice and voila it churns out Heineken Smoothie.

I tell you, this is super duper fantabulous!
By afternoon, people were grabbing Heineken beers already (cause Asians don't tend to drink beer in the mornings/afternoons) while I was still going for Heineken Smoothies.

Also, over in the afternoon there were 2 acts performed namely:

Paolo Delfino (if I'm not mistaken) and

Reza Salleh.
Their music was really soothing and turn out to be a great background music accompanying whatever everyone was doing all around. However, I do have to say that Paolo's kazoo was kinda annoying everytime he uses it trying to blend in with his guitar. I really gotta say the kazoo really spoil the nice soothing music.

Overall, this was a lovely event and a really unique one too! Heineken for brunch?
I had the most satisfying breakfast in my whole entire life. That's not all.
Check this out:

This is actually a goody bag! My mom was surprised to find such a nice looking basket in my house when she visited me this Chinese New Year and didn't want me to use it for a picnic I was going to because she say it's too nice!
What's inside are:

some great stuff given. 2 Heineken towels, two bottles of Heineken beer, two sample boxes of Kellogg's cornflakes, a Kellogg's waist measuring tape and two sample bottles of Monin syrup.

I super love the Monin syrup and started using it on all my drinks to spice it up!
I wonder if they sell this at the supermarket? Gonna grab me more of this!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - February 17, 2010

Today we're gonna look at emotions.

1) Happy - Ureshii (嬉しい, うれしい)
2) Happiness - Shiawase (幸せ,
3) Sad - Kanashii (
悲しい, かなしい)
4) Angry - Okoru (
怒る, おこる)
5) Sleepy - Nemui (
眠い, ねむい)
6) Excited - Waku-waku shimasu (
7) Excited - Koufun (興奮, こうふん)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Uniquely Singapore - Merlion Park

Ok, I've been putting off the last post of my Singapore trip for too long, sorry.

The last destination after the Esplanade that we went to was the Merlion park.
Night time is quite an ideal time to go there because it's quite the romantic spot to be in.
And although there's many people around taking pictures and hanging out near the Merlion statue, there's still nice, quiet spots that you can be with your loved ones, just don't go too near to the Merlion statue.

Anyway, the ambiance was romantic, on a cool night surrounded by the sea, with beautiful scenery around and the sweet serenity sound of the water spewing from the Merlion statue, acting as a fountain.

There's two Merlion statues at the Merlion park near Esplanade, one is the smaller statue:

and then there's the bigger one which a lot of people love photographing with.

The platform that is surrounded by the sea brings out a beautiful night view all around.

I would totally recommend going during night time, since during the night, the brightly lit buildings all around showcases a lovely display of beauty and the weather wouldn't be scorching hot over the suns rays.

And that concludes my remarkable trip and tour around Singapore.
The next morning was a lazy one for me and my mum.

We went for breakfast nearby the hotel close to 10am.

Am still pleasantly happy with the folks near the hotel area speaks Cantonese rather than Mandarin (because I'm lousy with my Mandarin).

This is what we had for breakfast. Porridge with orders of vegetables and meat.
Haven't had these for quite sometime. ^.^

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ex-Colleague's Gathering

This happened about a month ago where one of my ex-colleague was missing the old gang for months and want to get together to catch up on old times.
So I message one of my other ex-colleague and asked her to organize the gathering for his sake.

She started by proposing it on January 9, 2010 but unfortunately most couldn't make it, even herself. So then, she pushed it forward towards the next Saturday. I told them, I wouldn't be able to make it because I need my beauty sleep since there's a party I want to attend the night before.

The day came and just as her persistent self, she woke me up from my beauty sleep and demanded I come to the gathering. And just as my obliging self, I felt compelled to go there since I'm already up.

The venue was actually set by me. It's situated at this place:

Centrepoint, Bandar Utama.

On a side note, this was the first time I noticed there was somebody from McDonald's waving a flag outside.

Pity the guy because he has to do it under the hot sun.

Anyway, here's the place that I love taking my friends to, whether for a date or to meet new friends or just plainly meet up for lunch/dinner:

Pizza Uno!!! I super love their Carbonara Fettucine. Fell in love with it ever since my college days.
So there was I, half-dazed, in my forced-awake mode eating lunch with old pals.

This is Greek Pizza. It has shrimps, squids and olives on em.

And this, if I'm not mistaken, is the Garden Salad. I'm not sure what dressing is that. XD

My ex-colleague wanted the mushroom soup as well. So that's what it is on the right at the picture above.

And as always, I ordered the Carbonara Fettucine!!! Yums!
We seemed to have sat at the place the whole afternoon!
We ordered dessert too since we were there so long.

My recommendation of dessert, Tiramisu. Spongy flan cake kinda dessert with cocoa powder sprinkled on the top. The presentation is good also with the words Uno on the top. haha

Other dessert we ordered:

The mud pie. Got chocolate ice cream to go with it and chocolate syrup splashed over.
Certainly very rich.

And this is the hot chocolate (so much chocolate products were consumed).
They gave a small biscuit to go along with it.
It sure looks nice with the lovely flowery pattern made on the hot chocolate.

The address of Pizza Uno Centrepoint Bandar Utama is:
Lot G6 & G7, Ground Floor, Centrepoint,
3 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling jaya.

Tel: 03-5635-0205
Fax: 03-5633-8767

Definitely the spot I love to go to however, recently the delicious factor has been going down. Let's hope it bounces back up again the next time I revisit.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fedde Le Grand at MOS - Euphoria

UPDATE: Fedde Le Grand has been canceled due to him being sick.

Fedde Le Grand, an international DJ, who's number 29 in the Top 100 DJs in DJ Mag's top 100 DJs will be coming down for the 1st time in Malaysia and will be spinning at one of the most exclusive club around PJ, Ministry of Sound - Euphoria!!!

Me and my friends just love MOS because of the great ambiance, the great design with vibrating dance floors and best of all, it's a no-smoking club. This is great because this means no watery teary eyes when the club gets packed and starts to get too smoky.
I had a hard time sitting at my table when I was at KL Live because my eyes felt really tired from all the smoke around and had to leave the table to proceed to the dance floor near the front of the stage to avoid my eyes tearing up.
With it being a non-smoking environment, it'll make the club area a more crisp and clear place.
But then for smokers, there's a designated smoking area for them to puff away or they could head out to The Deq which is the outdoor lounge area.

Anyway, about Fedde Le Grand, he's Dutch and has done remixes for people like Madonna and Robbie Williams, even Will.I.Am.
The song he's best known for would be "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" which top charts in UK, Spain, Russia, Finland, Bulgaria.

Catch him live at MOS - Euphoria on the February 19, 2010!
Pre-Sale tickets are available on the following dates from 5pm - 3am:
  • 12th February (Friday)
  • 13th February (Saturday)
  • 17th February (Wednesday)
  • 18th February (Thursday)
Pre-sale tickets are sold at RM50 for ladies and RM60 for men.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - February 10, 2010

Hi-lo. This week, we're looking at different modes of transportation:

1) Bicycle - Jitensha (自転車, じてんしゃ)
2) Train - Densha (電車
, でんしゃ)
3) Car - Kuruma (
車, くるま)
4) Motorbike - baiku (
5) Bus - basu (
6) Walk - aruku (
歩く, あるく)
7) taxi - takushii (

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Photo of the Day - February 7, 2010

Whooo! Look at the amount of leftover spicy chicken wings at Frontera for the Tiger Run Event yesterday evening!

To me, it's super delicious. Yes it's spicy, but it's delicious! A lot of people complain that it's too spicy for their taste (which I guess it is, since the chili can even burn your hand). Couldn't feel the spiciness of the chicken during the event because I ate it so fast but later after the event, I sneaked over to Frontera and have a bite of it.
Oh, and the dip is nice too!

Wanna try it? Frontera is at Jaya One, PJ:
18-G-2, Block L
Palm Square, Jaya One
72A, Jalan Universiti

Opened daily from 10am-10pm.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

I've been writing a lot of "dream" posts recently.
It first started off with the "dream" date "dream" post.
Next, after the post on Ross' "dream"-y sounds at MC Asia "The Creation" Appreciation Party, just yesterday, I posted on the movie Tooth Fairy which involves the message about dreams.

So yes, dreams are important to keep hope alive.
So what is my dream in this Year of the Tiger?
I did mentioned quite a few things that I wanted to work at.
One of the things I have been whining about was wanting to start a business for the past year.

I wanted to set out as an entrepreneur and being my own boss rather than working for somebody. No boss, no person to answer to = freedom! But no, this is not it.

In line with the dream of becoming a successful businessman, I also did say I wanted to work at becoming a millionaire.

There were so many people out there who had carefully laid out plan to achieve that goal by my age and there are quite a number of people who is hardworking and persistent enough to achieve it. But no, this is not it.

There were also many times I griped of being tired of looking at couples at every corner I go.

Perhaps one day, I will meet the girl of my dreams and we will sashay off into the sunset on a nice, cool day. I should start working towards finding my true love. But no, this is not it.

My dream in the Year of the Tiger is actually to own a piece of property in Yokohama, Japan and to be a resident there. Among all the places I have been to, only Japan manage to topple Malaysia as my desired place to call home.

The nice cool atmosphere during spring and autumn captivates my heart where none could ever reach.

The beautiful blend of metropolis life and country life invigorates my heart to travel all around Japan.

The culture with all it's politeness and oddness enlightens my spirit to embrace it.

I know it's a little too extreme in thinking of fulfilling this seemingly impossible dream to ever get to live in Japan or even make it as my 2nd home, but hey, a guy's allowed to dream too, right?

Perhaps, maybe, just maybe, one day I could receive a miracle in making this come true.

What about you? What's YOUR Dream in the Year of the Tiger?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Tooth Fairy (2010) Movie Screening

Had the privileged of watching this movie last week on Monday.
The show is called "Tooth Fairy".

I've always been a fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, not of his acting, but more of his wrestling demeanor. He surely provides great entertainment on the wrestling ring.

But then again, his acting is not bad either. He started off starring in movies which are action but now has indulged in the comedy genre. And "Tooth Fairy" is one of it.

"Tooth Fairy" in a nutshell is a story about an ice hockey player name Derek Thompson played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who plays the defensive position and due to his hard charging way of playing the game which usually ends up with his opponent losing a tooth, he was nicknamed as the Tooth Fairy.

But the problem with Derek Thompson was he usually gives a very bleak outlook to young aspiring kids which dampens their spirit to continue on with their dreams. Hence, due to his inconsiderate way, he was one night hereby sentenced to become a tooth fairy for a week.

To the shock of his life in discovering this, he has no choice but to carry on his duties as a tooth fairy.
In the beginning, he fumbles all the way when he tries to carry out his task in obtaining teeth from young children's bedroom. But as he get's into the spirit of being a tooth fairy, he decided to do it with his way. Along the way, he rediscovered his forgotten dream and also he learned in being supportive and to stop crushing young kids dream ever.

To me, this is really a real good comedy, on par with the comedy "Old Dogs".
There were plenty of laughter in the first half of the movie, but concentrated on sentimental scenes on the 2nd half of the movie.

What I really like about the movie the most is the message it delivered. And what is it?
It is the importance of dreams. Without dreams, there wouldn't be hope. And without hope, the outlook on life would not be as cheerful and bright as it should be because there is nothing to look forward to.

So people, I believe everyone should have a dream and work towards that dream.
Sure, it may seem impossible or far-fetched to work at, but never give up! You'll never know, one day you might achieve that impossible dream!

Oh, and I rate this movie 3.5 stars out of 5! It's as good as "Old Dogs" and better than "Alvin and the Chipmunks".