Sunday, January 03, 2010

Spin Club Bar Grand Opening

Spin Club Bar had it's Grand Opening when it was December 18, 2009.
They had an International DJ French Chris and a performance by DJ Goldfish there.

It is located at SOHO KL and the theme for the night was Black & Gold.

A shot of the bar:

Although the entrance that you saw in the first photo seems rather congested, the interior of it was not bad, quite spacious if you ignore the stage. XD

And if the inside and upstairs isn't enough,

there's a spacious outdoor setting as well.

When I got there, the food seems to be gone, but good thing they later replenished with yummy-licious nice sausages and some kinda finger food I dunno what's it call. XD
But the food they served was delish to the max.
Didn't try their spaghetti though since I don't see any spaghetti sauce to go with it.

Outside was where the DJ was residing as well to spin the tunes at the turntables.

Later on, they had a fashion show on display, summer collections.

Iora, I guess that's where the collection of fashion is from.

That's the first and second model on the catwalk. And here comes the third.

While the fourth gets ready.

And here's the rest of the pics that I took on the fashion show.

These models which are very tall are all the way from Brazil:

And after that, they had a sexy dance performance.

They also had a fire eater performance as well, but I didn't stay on after the sexy dance show. :P


jfook said...

I was at Envy CLub, Soho during new year eve countdown. Great one.

Eric said...

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Nice to hear you enjoyed your new year's eve. :)
This one isn't new year's eve though. XD

Hi there. Is it for Jaclyn Chew on the deodorant advertorial? I've already contacted her.

Rebecca Saw said...

happenin la u.. so many events ;p

can u make it tmw for dinner?
at KL, imbi. For durian pork ribs! LOL.
do u eat durians>
drop me a msg at my blog if u can! would love to hv u join us!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Hey there, thanks for inviting me. I can't make it tomorrow though.

Would love to join you all even if I don't eat much durians. XD
So invite me next time around, k?

Events blogger need lots of events. haha

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Ummmh I like your pic collections :)

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