Monday, January 11, 2010

Quattro 1st Anniversary

Twas the night of November 25th, 2009. Over at Club Quattro, they held their 1st Anniversary where they serve free flow of everything on the house.

I gotta say it was jam packed to the max even at the early hours of them opening their doors.

You should've seen the bar area. It had a super long line of people lining up to get their drinks even though being told numerous times that the drinks will be served to you so there's no need to be lining up.

Yet, despite repeated announcements, it fell on deaf ears. I don't blame them, though, since the booze really came super slow if you were to wait for it at your designated table.

And it was the first time in my life being surrounded by so many ah bengs.
But I guess it was some hot ass party if you don't mind that. :P
I didn't stay long for the show to start, though. Just headed off after I grabbed a few booze. XD

I met a couple of my friends while I was there:

Well, that's all I have for Quattro's 1st Anniversary. XD

The coming Saturday, I decided to try Quattro's Summer Restaurant and see how good their food is since I was coincidentally at that area at that day too.

The Thai fried rice wasn't bad according to my sister. The beef wasn't noteworthy enough, though.

A shot at my pineapple juice with my chicken chop as my main dish.

Although it's quite delicious, the portion is rather small for me, not like the time when I went for the Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009 where the main dish may look small but the portion is actually just right. You're not too full eating it and you feel that you've satisfied your hunger with just the right amount.

Also, I felt that there's not enough variety of food available at the time of my visit.

I guess Quattro needs to buck up in those areas.


LC Teh said...

This quattro place must be in japan, or s'pore? otherwise where got people queue up one...

Su YSW said...

hi LC, it is in KL.. Located at Avenue K, just right opposite of KLCC.

Hey Kelvin, just found that you are clubbing kaki ya!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Not exactly clubbing kaki lah, but quite enjoy clubbing especially when got free flow. hahaha

Got event invitation like this then I'll go. XD

akhatam said...

waw.. It's fun!!keep blogging...

Su YSW said...

hahaha! I thought u r clubbing kaki! Erm.. But most of these events held on weekdays so I yet to have chance to go lo!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Weekdays why cannot?
It's after work right?
Worse come to worse take MC next day. XD