Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - January 13, 2010

Hi-lo. Today, we're gonna look at colors.

1) Blue - aoi (青い, あおい)
2) Green - midori (緑,
3) Red - akai (赤い,
4) Yellow - kiiroi (黄色い,
5) Light Brown - chairo (茶色,
6) White - shiroi (
, しろ)
7) Black - kuroi (黒い,


Su YSW said...

i think i will remember Midori well only as there is a liquor in green named as Midori! hahaha

Japanese words said...

Great list. These are worth remembering as you will use them again and again.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

There's a liquor name midori? I didn't know that. Where can I get that? I wanna try~ haha

@Japanese words
ya, colors are quite commonly used.

Su YSW said...

Erm.. I only tried once but it was brought by friends so not sure where got sell! But as what i know, the Midori is under same group with Bombay Saphire

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

oh, I'll keep my eyes peeled for it then. haha

ipin's cool said...

haik arigato gozhaimashita

akihiko said...

good info, the one that i've heard b4 is midori, kuroi, shiroi, akai n aoi in anime

thx 4 making me learn new words today

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Great that you're learning new words from my blog akihiko. :D

Anonymous said...