Thursday, January 28, 2010

M.C. Asia "The Creation" Appreciation Party

The M.C. Asia "The Creation" Appreciation Party was held on January 23, 2010 at Kl Live, Life Centre and it was one heck of a party. Doors opened at 8pm, but I went in earlier to have a snoop around since it's my first time here (having missed the Heineken Green Room 4 Event due to some unforeseen circumstances).

The place looks spacious with an average size dance floor

The stage was set and was ready to roll!

The show line-up kicked off with Popcorn Perky from Malaysia, starting off at 8pm.

The guy was spinning some tunes to a crowd-less place.
Popcorn Perky seems to use a lot of electronically altered poppy sounds.
He seems nervous at the beginning but begins to warm up half an hour later into the event.
His time slot was from 8pm till 9pm.

Next up was Ian Ross also from Malaysia and his supporters were getting ready as he were about to come on.

When Ross came on while Popcorn Perky's tunes were still playing, Ross turned up the heat of the party and hyped up Popcorn Perky's songs with his own style.
Then in transition to Ross' sounds, his supporters cheered him on.

A little while later, his supporters began to dance.

Ross' style seems to have a dreamy feel to his music and I've gotta say, he' s good.

These are the guys hard at work making the event a success.
When 10pm came the crowd was getting bigger.

And it was time for Effen (from Singapore) to come on stage and do his thing.

Effen to me seems to use a lot of bass in his sounds to pump up the vibe.
When 11pm was approaching, everybody seems to be getting restless awaiting the main attractions of the show.

First big attraction came on to a super packed dance floor.

Who is he? None other than Richard Durand, who's no. 49 in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs poll 2009.

Durand started off with the speakers breaking, although that's surely not good, he kept on going.
About almost an hour later, one of the event technical crew and tweaked some of the settings at the mixer and everything was back on track.
With the end of Durand's segment around 1am, it was time for the next main attraction and the dance floor was evenly packed.

And then, they saw it, the man himself at the sets, Sean Tyas.

Noticed the lasers, it's only available for Durand and Sean Tyas to use. XD

When it was time to say farewell, the crowd shouted for more and Sean Tyas did an encore.
When the show was really over, Sean Tyas came up to have an autograph signing session.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - January 27, 2010

Today, we're looking at numbers in Japanese. Since it'll be odd to just stop at 7, I'll put zero to ten instead.
Will take a break from this segment next week and back again the week after that. In the meantime, feel free to refer to the Japanese word a day widget on the right side of my blog and also recap on words that were discussed. :)

0) Zero - zero (ゼロ)
1) One - ichi (一, いち)
2) Two - ni (二, に)
3) Three - san (三, さん)
4) Four - shi/yon (四, し/よん)
5) Five - go (五, ご)
6) Six - roku (六, ろく)
7) Seven - shichi/nana (七, しち/なな)
8) Eight - hachi (八, はち)
9) Nine - kyuu (九, きゅう)
10) Ten - jyuu (十, じゅう)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture of the Day - January 26, 2010

Just back from an outing to meet new friends.
One in the afternoon for lunch and around 6 for dinner. :)

Here's what I had for dinner:

It's Sarawak noodles in Dark Soy Sauce and dried chili sprinkled on top of it.
Available at this place:
Face to Face Noodle House
68-G, Jalan SS21/62
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just about less than a month away and it's always a hyped-up day amongst lovers and singles (more for lovers than singles, haha). For the lovers, it's a day for them to express their love unto their mates, offering gifts of appreciation such as flowers, cards, confectionery or other similar ways in expressing their devotion.
It's also interesting to note that singles get hyped-up over this day too! Creatively, the Single's Awareness Day was created in response to Valentine's Day!

But as for me, it's just another ordinary day, no difference from the rest.

However, I do hope that one day I do get to have my dream date on Valentine's Day and what better person to spend it with than this fine lady:

Who is she? Her name is Anne Hathaway.
Why would she be my dream date? Not because of her looks. Oh no, that's just not it. Rather, it would be her queer, quirky personality, the quintessence of my heart's princess, also a beauty queen to boot.

And the perfect Valentine's Day for me would go this way:

We would spend the morning in bed with breakfast.

Enjoying each others company while we sip our morning tea/coffee along with the fulfilling munches of delicacies with the rays of morning light glimmering into the cozy room.
Once our breakfast finishes, we would still laze in bed and cuddle, chatting with each other while time passes by.

Then after freshening ourselves and the afternoon comes, we will walk along the beach.

Every sound of the soothing wave crashing along the shore would be our background music in accompaniment to our voices. The cool, gentle breeze keeps us in a comfortable temperature and the sand massages our feet with every step we take.

From a nice refreshing walk along the beach, we would then depart nearby to a nice park for a picnic.

There, we would bring out the picnic basket that houses our lunch and we would then consume our meal under a shady tree with the gentle breeze from the seashore nearby still cooling our climate.

As the sun begins to descend upon us, we would head out back to the beach to enjoy a brilliant show performed by nature, the beautiful sunset.

Once the sun disappears into the horizon and the moon begins to play it's role, after freshening ourselves, it's time to head back to civilization and watch a different show!

This movie would probably be our choice:

What's the movie about?
It's a comedy on couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day and Anne Hathaway stars in it too!

With the ending of the movie, we would proceed for a nice candlelight dinner.

One that's high above with a picturesque view overlooking the city on a night sky. With nice, mellow instrumental music playing in the background.

As the day comes to an end and we're about to journey to the land of dreams, I would then present my gift to her.

The gift will have to contain my sincerity and how much I cherish spending time with her.

As I lay to slumber with happiness and dream sweet dreams, I would keep this in my memory as the greatest day I would ever have.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - January 20, 2010

Today's 7 Japanese words comprise of the theme animals.

1) Dog - inu (犬, いぬ)
2) Cat - neko (
猫, ねこ)
3) Bird - tori (
鳥, とり)
4) Rabbit - usagi (
兎, うさぎ)
5) Cow - ushi (
牛, うし)
6) Sheep - hitsuji (
羊, ひつじ)
7) Goat - yagi (
山羊, やぎ)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Week - January 13, 2010

Hi-lo. Today, we're gonna look at colors.

1) Blue - aoi (青い, あおい)
2) Green - midori (緑,
3) Red - akai (赤い,
4) Yellow - kiiroi (黄色い,
5) Light Brown - chairo (茶色,
6) White - shiroi (
, しろ)
7) Black - kuroi (黒い,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Quattro 1st Anniversary

Twas the night of November 25th, 2009. Over at Club Quattro, they held their 1st Anniversary where they serve free flow of everything on the house.

I gotta say it was jam packed to the max even at the early hours of them opening their doors.

You should've seen the bar area. It had a super long line of people lining up to get their drinks even though being told numerous times that the drinks will be served to you so there's no need to be lining up.

Yet, despite repeated announcements, it fell on deaf ears. I don't blame them, though, since the booze really came super slow if you were to wait for it at your designated table.

And it was the first time in my life being surrounded by so many ah bengs.
But I guess it was some hot ass party if you don't mind that. :P
I didn't stay long for the show to start, though. Just headed off after I grabbed a few booze. XD

I met a couple of my friends while I was there:

Well, that's all I have for Quattro's 1st Anniversary. XD

The coming Saturday, I decided to try Quattro's Summer Restaurant and see how good their food is since I was coincidentally at that area at that day too.

The Thai fried rice wasn't bad according to my sister. The beef wasn't noteworthy enough, though.

A shot at my pineapple juice with my chicken chop as my main dish.

Although it's quite delicious, the portion is rather small for me, not like the time when I went for the Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009 where the main dish may look small but the portion is actually just right. You're not too full eating it and you feel that you've satisfied your hunger with just the right amount.

Also, I felt that there's not enough variety of food available at the time of my visit.

I guess Quattro needs to buck up in those areas.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Uniquely Singapore - Esplanade

Continuation from my last post on my Singapore trip, the next destination that we headed out to was the Esplanade.
Esplanade is famous for holding events that usually are concert based with it's wide array of venues. They have a lovely concert hall which has a seating capacity of 1,600, a theatre that can house up to 2,000 people, a recital and theatre studio as well. There's also a rehearsal studio for the organizers to get ready for their events should they wanna book the place to get ready.

There's also the outdoor theatre which has a breathtaking view of the sea.

If you squint your eyes real good, you'll see the Merlion at the Merlion Park right across the sea. XD

It was simply a spectacular view although on the left hand side, it was still developing that part of the country at the time of my visit. :)

Looks like skyscrapers and tall buildings to me.

You also get a view of the Singapore Flyer and the ferry jetty on the left.
The time of my visit was during the evenings where the sun was setting and I would say it was really a good time to visit there because the scorching sun is about to set which means it's not too hot and the view of it during sunset, marvelous.

Of course is not all about concerts and events. Over there, they have a number of fine restaurants for you to dine and it's a place for you to do some shopping as well, a place of gift shops galore.

The Esplanade's nearest MRT station would be City Hall where it's a mere 10 minutes walk away.

Be sure to check out events happening at the Esplanade for some fun time!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

7 Japanese Words A Day - January 6, 2010

Think I'll decide to fix a day to publish the 7 Japanese Words A Day segment. Let's put this on every Wednesday! I'll try my best to stick to this schedule. XD

1) Quiet - shizuka (静か, しずか)
2) House - ie (
家, いえ)
3) Cleaning - souji (
掃除, そうじ)
4) New - atarashii (
新しい, あたらしい)
5) End/over - owari (
終わり, おわり)
6) Feeling/mood - kibun (
気分, きぶん)
7) Middle/inside - naka (中,

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Spin Club Bar Grand Opening

Spin Club Bar had it's Grand Opening when it was December 18, 2009.
They had an International DJ French Chris and a performance by DJ Goldfish there.

It is located at SOHO KL and the theme for the night was Black & Gold.

A shot of the bar:

Although the entrance that you saw in the first photo seems rather congested, the interior of it was not bad, quite spacious if you ignore the stage. XD

And if the inside and upstairs isn't enough,

there's a spacious outdoor setting as well.

When I got there, the food seems to be gone, but good thing they later replenished with yummy-licious nice sausages and some kinda finger food I dunno what's it call. XD
But the food they served was delish to the max.
Didn't try their spaghetti though since I don't see any spaghetti sauce to go with it.

Outside was where the DJ was residing as well to spin the tunes at the turntables.

Later on, they had a fashion show on display, summer collections.

Iora, I guess that's where the collection of fashion is from.

That's the first and second model on the catwalk. And here comes the third.

While the fourth gets ready.

And here's the rest of the pics that I took on the fashion show.

These models which are very tall are all the way from Brazil:

And after that, they had a sexy dance performance.

They also had a fire eater performance as well, but I didn't stay on after the sexy dance show. :P