Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Japanese Word A Day - December 08, 2009

Morning Musume! Momusu for short. I just love the energy they produce! That's the uniqueness of the group that draws me. I don't usually go for such songs, but the liveliness and the vibrancy they exude pulls me in!

Today, I'm gonna post up lyrics of Jpop again and take 7 words to learn Japanese from.
The song that I'm gonna take would be Naichau Kamo (泣いちゃうかも) by none other than the group, Morning Musume.

Here's the video:

7 Japanese words:
1) Reply/Answer - Henji (返事,へんじ)
2) 2 years - Ninen (二年,にねん)
3) Alone/lonely - Hitoribocchi (一人ぼっち,ひとりぼっち)
4) Pray - Inori (祈り,いのり)
5) Heart - Kokoro (心,こころ)
6) Unable - Dekinai (出来ない,できない)
7) Gentle/kind - Yasashii (優しい,やさしい)