Thursday, December 10, 2009

HP Future Is...

Everybody is interested and curious about what's to come in the future and what is to happen to them in the next 10 years or so. That's why we have fortune tellers and horoscopes which many people consult on a daily basis! It's also why many people plan for their future even though it's not a guarantee that it'll turn out the way that they wanted it to be.

It's no difference for the folks of HP and Microsoft for they too like to hear on what lies ahead. And so, the innovative leaders, HP and Microsoft, gathered together the online community to have a discussion on the future trends of things by organizing an event known as Future Is...- The Online Community Talks About The Future Of Things.

This event, which kick started with Malaysia, was held on Wednesday, December 9, 2009. The chosen venue was Rootz Club, located on the rooftop of Lot 10 shopping centre.
Along with the attendees, five popular, influential bloggers were selected to be the panel discussion of this event. They are:

Kenny Sia from, Jojo Struys from, Cynthia from, Joyce Wong from and Redmummy from

Since it was my first time at Rootz Club, I decided to have a look around. The rooftop club has quite a cool ambiance and looks cozy on the exterior.

Since it's the holiday season and Christmas is around the corner, the lounge area is decorated with a Christmas-y feel to it.

Whereas on the opposite side of the lounge, you can get a clear view of the human fitness posses, haha.

The design of the washroom area is quite odd for me, though. I had hundreds of sexy women watching as I pee.

Anyway, overall it was a good choice in venue by the organizers.
Here's a view of the grand entrance to this club.

Inclusive of a creepy guy carrying a transparent umbrella walking in an awkward way.

I was greeted with a shot glass of cocktail shrimp. The event also served red wine, beer, some scallops and California rolls and some finger food which I have no idea what it's name is, but tastes good.

The stage is set and the event's about to begin, surrounded by HP's many products. Look! There's a crystal ball on the center of the stage!

The event started off with this guy, Will Quah, which is the emcee of the event.

After introductory speeches, Will introduced Danny Lee, the Country General Manager, Personal Systems Group of Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn. Bhd where he gave a welcoming speech.

And then, without further ado, they presented the panel of discussion to take their places on the stage.

The discussion started of with the question of How has technology changed each of their lives (or anybody's life for that matter)? then on How life would be without technology where Kenny Sia joked that he would still be in leopard skin if there's no technology.

The third question was How would computing change in 10 years time?
On this question, Kenny Sia mentioned that we need to look back 10 years before to see how had computing evolved and he was talking on about how the Internet has progressed from slow to immense speed which nobody could imagine at that time. Cynthia though, was referring to the mobile phone where it used to be huge and bulky but at the present, it's small and light.

The next question posed was about What feature they would like to see in an HP laptop.
Joyce wanted a feature where she would be able to type with one hand so that she could multitask on the computer as well as other things while Kenny mentioned of a smaller, faster version so that the portability would greatly increase.
It was interesting to note that Will Quah suggested that he would like to have a feature where he could have google maps/gps straight to the brain so that way he wouldn't get lost.

The question that was after that was What was the most interesting innovation that came up aside from mobile phones, computers and the Internet. Kenny mentioned aviation, Jojo said television, Redmummy talked about the camera and Cynthia, about GPS. Joyce however, mentioned about teleportation and of a telescope of which it could tell you how old is a given planet or star. Guess Joyce is a science geek!

The question of How many hours do they spend in front of a PC came up next and it started with Joyce saying around 10-15 hours a day when she had a full-time job. Now that she has quit, she spends about 6 hours per day. Cynthia says she spends around 10 hours a day and so does Redmummy. Jojo mentioned about 2 hours a day because of her being on the go a lot and Kenny humorously said 25 hours per day.

After the discussion, it open up to the floor for any questions.
Somebody brought up on What are the drawbacks of technology.
Joyce brought up that we're too dependent on technologies sometimes where without it, we can't do our work. Jojo was more concerned about the privacy issue and cited the Tiger Woods scandal as an example. Kenny was having his viewpoint on how sometimes he would've spend too much unproductive time on things like replying hate comments and things like that.

When it has come to a conclusion over the discussion for the day, Mr. Low Sin Yip who is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Director of Microsoft Malaysia gave a closing speech.

At the end of it all, they started the launch of post-party 'Blog-A-Trend' contest.

This contest is held in four countries which is China, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The prizes up for grab would be an HP Touchsmart 600 All-in-One Desktop PC and HP Mini Studio Tord Boontje. For further details, head on down to HP's facebook page to know how YOU can participate: Blog-A-Trend Contest Page

And there it with a big bang!
When the music starts going, I checkout some of HP's products.

The HP Touchsmart was certainly fun to play with especially the moving avatars! The dog moves when you move your head and opens it's mouth when you do so! Simply amusing.

Back home, I checked out all the goodies I obtained at the party.

I had to say, they gave out some really good stuff there.

These are the items which are a t-shirt, a nice bag suitable for laptops, a holiday fresh scent elf and a folder which contains information on HP's products.
I truly had a great time at the party listening to the opinions of the panel and connecting with others who attended.
A big THANK YOU to HP, Microsoft and Nuffnang to give me the opportunity of being a part of this exclusive event. :)


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