Saturday, December 26, 2009

FLYMAS.MOBI – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Technology has always been there to convenience mankind and as we go further and further in the future, we always get more and more innovation that helps make our lives easier and save on time and money.

MAS too had that in mind of it's passengers and to make their lives easier and convenient for them, they launched a mobile website called

So what exactly can you do with this portal?
It's a great way to conveniently plan up your travel from anywhere and anytime (provided your mobile device has reception, of course) where you get to book your flights, check-in and choose your seat and check out great deals and also summoning up your flight information on flights you have booked.

Here's a look at the main menu on a mobile device.

If you're not that fluent in English and am more confident booking flights in Malay, you can even do so by changing the language to Malay. (At the bottom of the screen)

And *poof* like magic it'll instantly be translated into Malay version. :D

Before booking any flights using this way, check out the deals and offer if there's any to the destination you want. This helps you to save cost in flying. :)

If there's none, I'd recommend to proceed to the "Timetable" area to check out available flights to the destination you want to go.

Choose your location of departure and your destination and choose the day you want to depart from.

There are 30 Locations in Malaysia and 42 Locations Internationally at the time of this writing.

Once you call up the necessary information you'll see that there's a book flight shortcut at the bottom of the information, conveniently placed should you decide to book flights to that destination.

At the book flight screen, it even tells you how far/near you are in completing your flight booking.

There are five pages to completion.
On the 2nd page, it even tells you which flight is sold out to avoid any overbookings.

At the 3rd page of the flight booking, you can either choose to purchase it there and then or hold the ticket.

Fill in your particulars on page 4 and that's it! You're good to go! An e-mail and SMS will be sent out to you for booking confirmation.

Take note that if you choose to hold a ticket, it will only be held for 8 hours without payment, after which, you will require to contact 1 300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) or +603 7843 3000 (international) or your nearest MAS office to complete the booking.

After booking, you will find a summary of your flights booked under the "My Booking" area. Just key in your booking number and last name to retrieve the details of that particular flight.

You can even check in through this portal and it's either by e-ticket number or booking reference (available only for single passenger booking).

There's even a "flight status" so if you're planning on picking up somebody from the airport, you can see whether the flight has been delayed or not. This certainly makes life easier.

One other feature that caught my attention would be the baggage tracer.
Should your baggage be delayed or missing, after reporting, you can check the status of your missing case at this place. May this unfortunate incident never happen to you.

Kudos to MAS for being able to mobilized booking their flights now. This is really a good move and would certainly make things easier and more convenient for the frequent travelers.


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