Friday, November 27, 2009

Uniquely Singapore - Chinatown Heritage Centre

After the day when the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 were held, there was a Uniquely Singapore tour.

Started the day with breakfast near the Link Hotel which was where I was put up. Had normal toast and ice milk tea while my mum ate wan tan mee.

The wan tan in the soup.

What surprises me about the place was that they spoke Cantonese to me when as far as I remember, Singaporeans would usually speak Mandarin.
Then we head on down to the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

On our way to the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

Where is it? On the other side!

Trudging along....

We've arrived!

The trishaw outside.
This place tells the story of early settlers in Singapore. How it was like back then and what was around at that time.

Well, walking through the place, seeing whatever is displayed inside feels like I'm walking in my old house and it's as if I've been here before.

It also showcases the so-called Golden Years of Chinatown which is during the 1950s.

This is displaying on trades.

And this is on the marketplace.

If you desire to see displays of things related to the early lives of Singaporean Chinese, then you might wanna tour through the Heritage Centre when you're around Chinatown shopping.

It's on Pagoda Street and the entry fee is Singapore $10 for Adults and Singapore $6 for children at the age range of 3-12 years old.
Opened daily from 9am till 8pm (where the last admission is 7pm) where the nearest MRT station would be Chinatown (NE4).


yesterdaysg said...

Chinatown Heritage Centre is a really interesting museum as it provides a good insight on the lives of early Chinese immigrants. As part of Explore Singapore 2010, we're working with CHC on a special tour of a heritage route of the area, both on a bus, as well as a guided walking trail.