Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009

Had the privilege and honor to attend the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 held at the Singapore Pan Pacific Hotel on October 23, 2009. The experience was sensational.

The bloggers waiting in the hotel lobby awaiting departure to Pan Pacific Hotel.

After registration at the counter and a photo session at the photo wall, it's off to inside the banquet hall for the ceremony.

A view of the banquet hall.

The MC for the awards ceremony was Allan Wu.
The nominees and the winners of each category are as follows:

Best Blog Shop
Her velvet vase
Oh my muffins!
Winner: BonitoChico

Best Food Blog
A Whiff of Lemongrass
Eat Show and Tell
Kitchen Cow
Winner: ieat-ishoot-ipost

Best Travel Blog
Akademi Fantasia
Nicole Kiss
Winner: En Route

Best Celebrity Blog
Cruz Teng
Nurul Aini
Jim Paredes
Hanis Zalikha
Winner: Joanne Peh

Best Geek Blog
The Dude's Blog
Michael Aulia
Ngee Khiong
Shutter Nick
Winner: Mr. Gadget

Best Parenting Blog
Our Everyday Things
Planning with Kids
Wifely Steps
Winner: Childhood 101

Best Fashion Blog
Bryan Boy
Fashion Nation
Super Kawaii Mama
Winner: Lady Melbourne

Best Entertainment Blog
Sensasi Selebriti
Cowboy Caleb
Girl With a Satchel
Winner: Kennysia

Most Influential Blog
Down To Earth
Jehzlau Concepts
Kenny Sia
Winner: Xiaxue

Best Hidden Gem
I love lollipop
A Taxi Driver's Diary
Winner: Doodle Blog

Best Original Blog Design
Miao & Wafupafu
Jayden's Blog
phunkiefresh dot net
Winner: Xiaxue

Region's Best Blog:

Things of interest:
When Wendy Cheng aka xiaxue was accepting her 2nd awards, Kenny Sia did a Kanye West on her.
Kinda funny when Bonito Chico team that won the first blog awards of the night in the Best Blog Shop category answered "that's kinda sensitive" when Allan Wu questioned how much they make by setting up the shop.
Mr. Gadget gave me this awesome boomerang keychain all the way from Australia when we chatted as I was awaiting to go back to Malaysia at the hotel lobby.

He also mentioned that he hope the rumor about the next Blog Awards being in Melbourne is not true since that's where he's from and hope that it would be held in Malaysia cause he's never been there before.
The blogger of is such a quiet chap. When I saw his website, I was shocked to see so many blog entries in a day. No wonder I keep seeing him busy on his laptop throughout the Uniquely Singapore tour. I also always see him hide away from the rest of the group to work on his blog.
The winner of the Best Celebrity Blog, Joanne Peh, is a Singaporean actress.
The winner of the Best Parenting Blog had only started blogging since May 2009, that's just 6 months!
Nominee of the Best Fashion Blog, blogger of was interviewed on Singapore's Channel News Asia the day after the awards. The program was aired on the 26 October, 2009.
There's actually a guy being nominated in the Best Fashion Blog category.
Most of the awards are bagged by the Australians and Singaporeans. Gosh, Malaysians really need to buck up. :P

This candy specially made for the event that was at the dinner table given to each in attendance is yummy. Taste like cola-flavored. I liked it so much that I took 2 jars home with me to consume. :D

Dinner is served.

The silverwares. Dinner knife, soup spoon, salad fork, dessert fork, dinner fork, butter knife, which is which leh?
Some pics of the food they served:

Tuna with Feta cheese.

Chicken with pumpkin(?) I dunno. Taste like pumpkin to me. -.-

The lovely, sweet dessert.

All that food makes me a happy camper XD

For more photos and the official photos on the event and the uniquely Singapore tour head on down here:


gbeejipp said...

So, u were there? Was quite surprised there were too few Malaysian bloggers in the winners list. We gotta work harder then. :-)