Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

My name is Mister Potato (it's pronounced as Poh-TAH-Toh, don't get my name wrong!) and I used to be a potato peeler. But I worked my way to the top and now I'm the head honcho in making the best potato chips that anyone can get their hands on.

I do not sacrifice on the quality of my potato chips! NO COMPROMISE! And not compromising on the quality of potato chips can earn me big bucks and so can you.

Let me teach you the secret in making, not good, but the best ever potato chips so you too can make big bucks! NO COMPROMISE! Why am I sharing? Because sharing is caring and it's better to have another helper in producing, not good, the best ever potato chips in the universe than another person manufacturing baaad potato chips.

So lets get started.

First you head on down to mister potato website and register yourself and remember, NO COMPROMISE on your password! Then you start going to the first level of the game.....

First, you have to be good in picking out the potatoes. Not only good in picking good potatoes and discarding the bad ones, but you also need to be quick and nimble. You have to pick 10 potatoes in 20 seconds in order to be a, not good but the best potato chips manufacturer in the universe!

Do that and you can advance to level two. Remember! NO COMPROMISE!

On the 2nd level you will need to answer a question correctly and NO COMPROMISING! If so, you can proceed to the next level. Personally, I do like the Original and Hot & Spicy Flavor.

Onwards to level three where you need to master the art of slicing potato into thin slices. Remember, it's 14 slices per potato.

Not only you need to skill but you need to be fast too! 20 seconds to get 3 potatoes. Remember, NO COMPROMISE!

Onwards to level 4!

You need, need, need to know the net weight of a Mister Potato canister or else. NO COMPROMISE!

At level 5, you need to sharpen your hearing senses to note the quality of the chips. This is to ensure that the potato chips are crispy and crunchy and not those limpy ones.

And again to be a, the BEST potato chip manufacturer out there, not only you have to handle this task WITHOUT COMPROMISING, but also to be quick! 10 chips in 20 seconds!

If you made it this far to level 6, you will get to go on a tour around the factory but NO COMPROMISE! Because we'll put your knowledge to the test after the tour!

The tour consists of picking the potatoes, selecting the potatoes, slicing the potatoes, cooking the potatoes, taste testing the potato chips and delivering the products. You'll see how UNCOMPROMISING we are on the quality.

Get our question right WITHOUT COMPROMISING and you'll proceed to level 7.

Made it this far? Good, cause the next part is laugh away the evil menace. :P

If you thwart that annoying taunting laughter, you'll get to the final all important stage in mastering to become a, not good, BEST potato chip manufacturer in the universe.

Here it is. The final stage. Level 8. The nirvana of potato chips making.

And what is it? It is to dress yourself as Mister Potato and upload it!

And just that, you'll get to earn big bucks!!!

Last submission date would be 28th November, 2009.
And after that, just rally your friends and family to vote for you.
Voting will be from 29th November, 2009 - 5th December, 2009.
Top 50 will be given two (2) exclusive invitations to the grand Mister Potato Fiesta 2009! This will be on the 19th December, 2009 where 10 finalists will be shortlisted with eventually, one person will be crowned the ultimate #1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire.

Big bucks baby!

1st prize: RM5,000.00
2nd prize: RM3,000.00
3rd prize: RM2,000.00

And remember..........NO COMPROMISE!