Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

The game's afoot and I've effortlessly fulfilled the necessary requirements to allot myself a spot of the much wanted film-viewing. But alas, I may not be the swiftest of all, but should it be enough to reserve myself a pair of tickets? We'll soon find out. :P

And how do you find out the images? Elementary, my dear Watson!

A Japanese Word A Day - November 30, 2009

And what better way to learn than through song lyrics! I'll post the lyrics to Funky Monkey Babys song Hero/Ashita E and at the end of the lyrics, I'll take 7 words that are in the song.

Before that, let's see a bit of a background of Funky Monkey Babys.
They're a Japanese hip-hop group that was formed in 2004. They consist of 3 members namely, Funky Kaato, Mon and DJ Chemical. They are all born in Tokyo and all from the city of Hachiouji.
The lyrics I'm gonna post will consist of Kanji and Romaji.

The video can be viewed here:

Funky Monkey Babys - Hero/Ashita E

最寄り駅の改札抜ければ いつもよりちょっと勇敢なお父さん Daddy!
You gotta run for today いざ行かんゴールへ

moyorieki no kaisatsu nukere ba itsumo yori chotto yuukan na otousan Daddy!
sono senaka ni aisuru hito no WowWow goe ga suru
You gatta run for today iza ika n gooru he

きっと今日も七転八倒 でも鳴らすな10カウント
家族にとってのヒーローになる為 転んでも立ち上がるんだぜ

sakuban no tsukare to arukooru ga mada nokotta gozen 6 ji OH!
kurai nyuusu yasai juusu de nagashikomi asa kara zenryoku shissou
kitto kyou mo shichitenhattou demo narasu na 10 kaunto
kazoku nitotte no hiiroo ni naru tame koron de mo tachiagarun da ze

株はまた急落 のしかかる重圧
満員電車のバンザイは ギブアップじゃない冤罪対策
ネオン街の誘惑 すりぬけて週末
家で待つ愛しいファミリー その笑顔がある限り

kabu ha mata kyuuraku no shi kakaru juuatsu
manin densha no banzai ha gibuappu ja nai enzai taisaku
neon gai no yuuwaku surinuke te shuumatsu
ie de matsu itoshii famirii sono egao ga aru kagiri

最寄り駅の改札抜ければ いつもよりちょっと勇敢なお父さん Hero!
振り返ると夢の足跡 その延長線のアスファルトさ Daddy!
You gotta run for today いざ行かんゴールへ

moyorieki no kaisatsu nukere ba itsumo yori chotto yuukan na otousan Hero!
hitogomi ni mo magire nai sanshaindei
furikaeru to yume no ashiato sono enchousen no asufaruto sa Daddy!
sono senaka ni aisuru hito no WowWow koe ga suru
You gotta run for today iza ikan gooru he

だっていつも家族の為 人知れずに一人で戦ってる
照れくさくって言いづらいけど 頑張っているのはわかってる

mainichi onnaji jikan ni oki te ha terebi no nyuusu o miru tousan
hata kara mi ta tte ikken sonnani sae nai futsuu no sarariiman
datte itsumo kazoku no tame hitoshirezu ni ichi nin de tatakatteru
terekusakutte ii zurai kedo ganbatte iru no ha wakatteru

株はまた急落 のしかかる重圧
So溜まったストレスをこらえて 遊びに行きたい気持ち抑えて
ネオン街の誘惑 すりぬけて週末
体にムチ打って家族サービス また迎える月曜日

kabu ha mata kyuuraku no shi kakaru juuatsu
So tamatta sutoresu o korae te asobi ni iki tai kimochi osae te
neon gai no yuuwaku surinuke te shuumatsu
karada ni muchi utte kazoku saabisu mata mukaeru getsuyoubi

繰り返す毎日の中にも 色んなことあるんだぜ父さん Do it!
男は涙をこらえながら 大切な人を守るもんさ 天晴れ!
その背中で愛を背負ってYeah Yeah今日も行く

kurikaesu mainichi no naka ni mo ironna koto arun da ze tousan Do it!
hitoshirezu ni yononaka he faitingu poozu
otoko ha namida o korae nagara taisetsu na hito o mamoru mon sa ten hare!
sono senaka de ai o seotte Yeah Yeah kyou mo iku

カカア天下のお茶の間 第三のビールで乾杯しよう
明日の見えない日本の夜に それでも陽は昇るんだ

kakaa tenka no o chanoma dai san no biiru de kanpai shiyou
ashita no mie nai nippon no yoru ni soredemo hi ha noboru n da

最寄り駅の改札抜ければ いつもよりちょっと勇敢なお父さん Hero!
振り返ると夢の足跡 その延長線のアスファルトさ Daddy!
You gotta run for today いざ行かんゴールへ
You gotta run for today いざ行かんゴールへ

moyorieki no kaisatsu nukere ba itsumo yori chotto yuukan na otousan Hero!
hitogomi ni mo magire nai sanshaindei
furikaeru to yume no ashiato sono enchousen no asufaruto sa Daddy!
sono senaka ni aisuru hito no WowWow goe ga suru
You gatta run for today iza ika n gooru he
You gatta run for today iza ika n gooru he


1) Love - ai (愛, あい)
2) But - demo (でも)
3) Again - mata (また)
4) Family - kazoku (家族, かぞく)
5) People/man - hito (人, ひと)
6) Dream - yume (夢, ゆめ)
7) Everyday - mainichi (毎日, まいにち)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Uniquely Singapore - Chinatown Heritage Centre

After the day when the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 were held, there was a Uniquely Singapore tour.

Started the day with breakfast near the Link Hotel which was where I was put up. Had normal toast and ice milk tea while my mum ate wan tan mee.

The wan tan in the soup.

What surprises me about the place was that they spoke Cantonese to me when as far as I remember, Singaporeans would usually speak Mandarin.
Then we head on down to the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

On our way to the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

Where is it? On the other side!

Trudging along....

We've arrived!

The trishaw outside.
This place tells the story of early settlers in Singapore. How it was like back then and what was around at that time.

Well, walking through the place, seeing whatever is displayed inside feels like I'm walking in my old house and it's as if I've been here before.

It also showcases the so-called Golden Years of Chinatown which is during the 1950s.

This is displaying on trades.

And this is on the marketplace.

If you desire to see displays of things related to the early lives of Singaporean Chinese, then you might wanna tour through the Heritage Centre when you're around Chinatown shopping.

It's on Pagoda Street and the entry fee is Singapore $10 for Adults and Singapore $6 for children at the age range of 3-12 years old.
Opened daily from 9am till 8pm (where the last admission is 7pm) where the nearest MRT station would be Chinatown (NE4).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quattro 1st Anniversary

Club Quattro which is located at Avenue K is throwing their 1st Anniversary bash tomorrow. It's FREE entry if before 10pm. More details at

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bubbles Soft Opening

Went for the Bubbles Soft Opening on November 13, 2009.
Don't be fooled by this facade. It's not the main entrance. haha
I saw a few people who went in the staircase exactly below here which is not the entrance because it leads to a vacant lot upstairs and the car park area. -.-
This is the view of the place which it faces the main road.

This is the main entrance. XD
It's behind. In case you're wondering where's this place, it's at Bandar Damansara Perdana.
A map location of the place would be provided at the end of this post.
Anyway, so ya. The place, a bar-like environment carries the divers theme in it.

There's a projector that display diving images of the beautiful sea creatures whilst underwater and occasionally projects some music videos on it too. Some retro music videos that I saw that day one of which is the Spice Girls. Mmmmm. Spice Girls. Haven't heard their songs in quite some time.

Ahoy there. The environment here.

The place here is rather small and it was packed with people on that day. But the seat at the sofa behind the bar counter where I was was comfy and I could've fallen asleep if I didn't leave early that day. LOL

Ya, so it's more like a BAR environment, it's not a club.

A seaside island feel for the bar decor.

I guess for a bar, the place would be sufficient. On that day, they were serving free-flow of Tiger Beer from 6pm - 8pm. Since it's the soft launch of the bar, they even provided some food for the public!

Buffet style people! There's fried rice, fried noodles, chicken curry, some kuih and of course, the paper plate with the cutlery. XD

They were also having a promotion on that day, which was 3 pints of Kilkenny for RM55 and 3 pints of Heineken for RM50.

The 3 pints of Kilkenny.

A view of the bar.

This place is located at:

After the turning on the left to Ikea from LDP, pass the flyover then make a left.
The address is:
F-G-05 NEO Damansara
No.1 Jalan PJU 8/1 Bandar Damansara Perdana
47820 PJ, Selangor.

For those who likes to chill and enjoy their beer, this is the place to be. :P

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

My name is Mister Potato (it's pronounced as Poh-TAH-Toh, don't get my name wrong!) and I used to be a potato peeler. But I worked my way to the top and now I'm the head honcho in making the best potato chips that anyone can get their hands on.

I do not sacrifice on the quality of my potato chips! NO COMPROMISE! And not compromising on the quality of potato chips can earn me big bucks and so can you.

Let me teach you the secret in making, not good, but the best ever potato chips so you too can make big bucks! NO COMPROMISE! Why am I sharing? Because sharing is caring and it's better to have another helper in producing, not good, the best ever potato chips in the universe than another person manufacturing baaad potato chips.

So lets get started.

First you head on down to mister potato website and register yourself and remember, NO COMPROMISE on your password! Then you start going to the first level of the game.....

First, you have to be good in picking out the potatoes. Not only good in picking good potatoes and discarding the bad ones, but you also need to be quick and nimble. You have to pick 10 potatoes in 20 seconds in order to be a, not good but the best potato chips manufacturer in the universe!

Do that and you can advance to level two. Remember! NO COMPROMISE!

On the 2nd level you will need to answer a question correctly and NO COMPROMISING! If so, you can proceed to the next level. Personally, I do like the Original and Hot & Spicy Flavor.

Onwards to level three where you need to master the art of slicing potato into thin slices. Remember, it's 14 slices per potato.

Not only you need to skill but you need to be fast too! 20 seconds to get 3 potatoes. Remember, NO COMPROMISE!

Onwards to level 4!

You need, need, need to know the net weight of a Mister Potato canister or else. NO COMPROMISE!

At level 5, you need to sharpen your hearing senses to note the quality of the chips. This is to ensure that the potato chips are crispy and crunchy and not those limpy ones.

And again to be a, the BEST potato chip manufacturer out there, not only you have to handle this task WITHOUT COMPROMISING, but also to be quick! 10 chips in 20 seconds!

If you made it this far to level 6, you will get to go on a tour around the factory but NO COMPROMISE! Because we'll put your knowledge to the test after the tour!

The tour consists of picking the potatoes, selecting the potatoes, slicing the potatoes, cooking the potatoes, taste testing the potato chips and delivering the products. You'll see how UNCOMPROMISING we are on the quality.

Get our question right WITHOUT COMPROMISING and you'll proceed to level 7.

Made it this far? Good, cause the next part is laugh away the evil menace. :P

If you thwart that annoying taunting laughter, you'll get to the final all important stage in mastering to become a, not good, BEST potato chip manufacturer in the universe.

Here it is. The final stage. Level 8. The nirvana of potato chips making.

And what is it? It is to dress yourself as Mister Potato and upload it!

And just that, you'll get to earn big bucks!!!

Last submission date would be 28th November, 2009.
And after that, just rally your friends and family to vote for you.
Voting will be from 29th November, 2009 - 5th December, 2009.
Top 50 will be given two (2) exclusive invitations to the grand Mister Potato Fiesta 2009! This will be on the 19th December, 2009 where 10 finalists will be shortlisted with eventually, one person will be crowned the ultimate #1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire.

Big bucks baby!

1st prize: RM5,000.00
2nd prize: RM3,000.00
3rd prize: RM2,000.00

And remember..........NO COMPROMISE!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Juice DJ Quest 2009

Juice DJ Quest 2009 is coming, this Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 7pm! The venue is Zouk KL. Be there or be square.

It's an event I'm planning to attend. :P

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

The 'Twilight' movie that came out became an occasional topic of conversation (at least for my group of friends) all the way up till today. Usual banters about the movie would always be how good it was and how crappy it was. It was always the feud between the 'Twilight' fanatics and the anti-'Twilight' group.
Amongst my group of friends it was either you hate it or you love it.......except for me.

I really don't know what to feel about the movie because after watching the show, I'm left with a sense of confusion. Not that I'm confused about the story itself, but rather a conflict of feelings within me. But I guess I can say, that it's a movie that I enjoyed watching.

What I loved about the show was that it wasn't like your typical vampires and werewolves type of movie. Somehow, it's a really unique type of vampire movie. Your usual vampire movies would consists of either Action, Horror or Drama.
Twilight however, was a different brand of cattle. Although it does fit in the drama category, but I also have to agree with the many girls who told me that it was a really romantic movie which not many vampire movies put emphasis on this element.

Also, the storyline of the Twilight Saga is most intriguing. Aside from the romantic-ness of the story (which by the way, why it was a really romantic movie was because of the true love that it manages to stir up that feeling within you) the detail about vampires evolving to a much modern approach is something new to me. And to top it all off with a vampire graduating over and over again? And a vampire that glitters in the sun? That's the most unique thing I've ever heard. The old legend we're normally used to would be the vampire would die if they're exposed to the sun.

And now with the new movie of Twilight called New Moon coming out, I actually find myself eager to watch it. I'm sure girls would be going gaga over the release of the movie.

Ok, ok, I admit, the part I hate about the movie is actually the jealousy I had for the lead actor Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen >.<

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 (2009) Review

Went for the 2012 movie yesterday and all I have to say is that it's totally awesome, dude! Despite the show being about 3 hours long, it was so worth the watch and to me, this is the best show of the year so far!

Basically, this show is about the catastrophic end of the world. The sun emitting rays sending loads of Neutrinos to earth but this time these rays physically affects the earth's condition. It alters the earth's core temperature causing it to produce a microwave effect and adversely increases it rapidly. Dr. Adrian Helmsley (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) reported it to the Chief of Staff which in turn the President of the United States following with the rest of the head of states and governments from around the world.

While keeping a lid of the impending doom, they conspired an evacuation plan to preserve the lives of people around the world. They used China to build arks to prepare for the strike of the catastrophe while selling seats 1 billion Euros per seat to billionaires all over the world.

While the movie shows the catastrophe striking around the world, the story evolves around a man named Jackson Curtis (played by John Cusack) who's a limo driver and a writer. Jackson along with the family, the ex-wife, daughter, son also with the ex-wife's boyfriend goes on an incredible journey of struggling to stay alive as they seek out to travel to China where the arks are without getting killed.

The movie with all it's glorious special effects is a really awesome watch although the dramatized story of Jackson and family trying to stay alive were really hard to believe. But hey, it's the movies. That's where such fake stories can come true! I give it 5 stars out of 5! It's the best movie of the year to me.

The tickets I have were courtesy of Exabytes Malaysia. They also gave out free complimentary small combo which consists of one small popcorn and soft drink.
Exabytes also gave out a free goody bag which consists of a notepad:

They also gave out a mystery gift. The gift?

It's the same piggy bank (or shall I say cow bank, hahaha) from where I got it when I went to the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore!!!
Thanks Exabytes for the great movie outing. :)