Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Ever get lost in a dense forest or jungle without a compass or any means of communication to get you out of it? Well, I guess most of us haven't experience that, lol.
But going through the working life in our everyday concrete jungle/forest without treats every now and then would well-up a similar feeling......a sense of lost, hopelessness without ever seeing the joy in your life. It is one of the things I do to keep my sanity while maintaining a full-time job which I so find it torturous.

So every year, I would set aside a certain budget to treat myself big time (in addition to smaller treats :P) to keep me smiling again.

And here I would like to share to everyone the top treats that I have given myself.

1) 2003 Japan Trip

It was the most magnificent vacation I had in my life. The magical 2 weeks, when I was in Japan simply captivates me so much that I just felt like living in Japan and never go away again. I even went to lengths of taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and looking for jobs in Japan just so that I would have an opportunity to live in Japan and never need to go away again. Till this day, I still am looking for ways to do so.

2) 1MB Broadband Internet Line

Happened way back in 2005 when I first moved in to my apartment in Petaling Jaya, it is a decision that I was thrilled with and am still glad I made that move. With a constant Internet connection, it unleashed the blogger in me and the mahjong addict that I am and also affording me to conveniently search for answers whenever I have a how-to question in mind.

3) Canon Ixus 60

Yes, it's just a digital camera. Yes, there are way many other good camera's out there. But this is my first camera that I bought and the first ever camera I ever owned. Although I'm a shy person and do not like my picture to be taken so much (cause I feel I'm not photogenic and I look horrible in photos -.-) but I like to take pictures of things. Being a timid person as well does not help me in this area but now that I've become bolder, I'm glad that I have a digital camera with me to spice up my blog more whenever I go for events or outing with friends. Truly no regrets on this.

4) Samsung U600 Mobile Phone.

It's slim, it's slick and it's stylish. This is the first phone treat ever. All the other mobile phones that I bought were due to the previous ones being stolen or spoiled. So good it was to me that I pre-ordered it even before it came out in Malaysia.

So that was my top treat list that I've given myself throughout the years. This year, I have yet to give a treat to myself. So what'll it be for me this year? It'll certainly be:

5) Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop

Why this, you might ask?
Besides wanting it as my first laptop treat, there are many reasons but I'll list down 3.
5.1) The Sheer Beauty of It!

The rounded edges, the clean lines, it is such a beauty that I'm sure everyone agrees. It comes in three different colors Alpine White, Obsidian Black, and Cherry Red. Designed to inspire, hence the name Inspiron.

5.2) Webcam with Enhanced Wireless Connectivity

With the Dell Webcam Central, you can easily connect with your friends and family and with a connectivity support of up to 802.11n, it's really an easy feat. With the modern advance communication methods available today, there's no need to pay a hefty sum to get connected!

5.3) Hi-def Life Screen

Add in the optional ATI Radeon HD 4350, and you'll have it packed inside it to give you true to life high definition graphics to your LCD TV or projector when you plug in an HDMI connection cable.

This will so deserve to be in my top 5 treat list and you guys can join me in owning a Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop too!

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Please note again that it's valid till November 10th, 2009 and only available with online purchase or by calling 1800-88-0301 to Dell to purchase a Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop.

Let's all give ourselves a well deserve treat with a Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop. :)