Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indulge In the Uniquely Singapore Experience

When I was a little kid, I always look forward to the year end school holidays. Not only because it's the longest school holiday of the year, but it's also the time where my family takes a vacation together. There was a period of time where I always get extremely excited during that time of the year for my parents had decided to make a trip to Singapore a yearly event.

Sadly, after the gap difference of currency between Malaysia and Singapore widens, my parents had decided to stop going to Singapore anymore.
Being deprived of the rich blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture, I look back at old photos and immerse myself again to the nostalgic feel of how Singapore was (of course now it would look way better and had improved tremendously).

Although I was really young back then and wouldn't remember where all the places that I visited was, but I remembered truly enjoying myself with my family be it watching pagodas, being in the Singapore zoological gardens or the Science centre.

And what better day to be back in the Lion City, Singapore then this coming 23rd October 2009, where The First Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards will be held.

Bloggers will be clamoring for the following awards:
# Best Hidden Gem
# Best Original Blog Design
# Best Blog Shop
# Most Influential Blog
# Best Travel Blog
# Best Fashion Blog
# Best Geek Blog
# Best Celebrity Blog
# Best Entertainment Blog
# Best Food Blog
# Best Parenting Blog

The nominees are set and the winners are getting voted and ready to be announced on the day of the award ceremony.

Truth be told, if I were to plan up a one day itinerary to roam around Singapore, I wouldn't know how or where to start for I haven't been to Singapore for such a long time. And so I called for help:

This cool website tells you what events will be happening in Singapore and at what date and time, have hotel & flight reservation and a cool itinerary planner where all the suggested places of interests will appear on it.

I then spotted something that I feel I would really enjoy going to, Sentosa Island. I remember the vague and sweet memories that gives me a fun sensation inside everytime I hear the word Sentosa. So I digged up places in Sentosa that I would love to go to.

To start off my day, I feel like having dim sum for breakfast and I heard Red Star Restaurant is famous for it.
Be it the chee cheong fun

or the egg tart and things like that. :)

Then it's off to Sentosa Island for a fun time~~
Would very much like to take the cable car ride to Sentosa Island just like I did when I was young but heard it's closed for upgrade at the moment :(

First off, I would very much wanna go to the Tiger Sky Tower to see a panoramic view of Singapore.

Formerly known as the Carlsberg Sky Tower, it stands at 360 feet and being the highest observation point in Singapore. I'd be so glad to add to my collection of tower observation points, first being the Malaysia's KL Tower and Twin Tower (Twin Tower not really counted since you can't get a panoramic view of the city anyway from the observation bridge), 2nd is the Tokyo Tower and 3rd the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

Next up in line, I would surely wanna go to Singapore's Underwater World.

Bringing the Oceans to you. haha.
I remembered that this is the first Underwater World I've ever been to but could never remember anything about it because me being so young and I couldn't find any photos about it.
The other Underwater World I've been to was the one in Langkawi, Malaysia when they newly opened.

What I find interesting about Singapore's Underwater World is it's Dolphin Lagoon and also you get to swim with them. Not only you get to swim with dolphins, but in this place, you also get to dive with sharks and dugongs (a type of large marine mammal, something like a sea cow). It'll surely be a cool experience for sure.

For lunch, I would certainly like to try Si Bon, a boutique restaurant with killer ambiance (ooh, I just made a catchy catch phrase. lol)

The restaurant is located in the oldest chapel in the island, enhancing the environment. What they serve here in the Restaurant is called Kushikatsu, which is a skewered Japanese cuisine, very rare to find this out of Japan and certainly not in Malaysia.

To continue on with my funness krrunch-ness around Sentosa, I'd like to revisit an old friend of mine..........The Merlion.

A long standing symbol of Singapore, just mentioning of the Merlion and everyone will associate it with Singapore.

When nightfalls, I would surely wanna catch Songs of the Sea.

I remember when I was a kid, I love watching the Musical Fountain and it calms and soothes me whenever the music and lights comes on where the waters dance along with it.

To end the perfect day at Singapore, instead of going to nightclubs and party, I would surely love to have my own private party at Tanjong Beach. It'll surely rock to have my own party with friends. Even more so at a beach!

I guess this will be the dream 1-day at Singapore. Just talking about it gets me excited! Surely is difficult to cram all attraction and activities in 1 day when there are tons to see and do there.
But of course, it won't be complete without my family. Certainly will be super fantastic to relive our Singapore adventures as a family again. :)

I've made a montage of images on Singapore with one of my favorite song of all time, Corrinne May's 'Everything In It's Time'.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading your blog..
there are really beautiful places in Singapore..and can't wait to see them in my spare time..
btw, if you're interested, you can join travel group in 88DB Singapore

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Thank you for reading. :)

Ken Wooi said...

i went to singapore a few times..
but i must admit that i havent reall explored the land.. =P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

You should Ken!
It's a beautiful and fun place, especially Sentosa. At least that's how I remembered it.