Monday, September 21, 2009

Old Rig (PC) Into New

My mission (since there's 2 days holiday and I've really gotta stop being too lazy):
To transform my old non-working rig into a workable one again :D

Exhibit A.

The RAMs I've accumulated for the past years :)

Side view of the PC.

For the display I'm gonna work with, I'm using my old Pentium III PC monitor to go with it:

It's small and bulky and heavy, but it'll have to do since I don't have any spare monitor.
The history of my Pentium III PC has kinda a sad story to it.

It started with me during my college days that I bought that Pentium III PC which is the latest back then. After using it for about three years after that, I decided to changed to a new state-of-the-art PC which I could afford with the numbers of OT that I clocked in during my first job (it was painfully energy sapping). But instead of throwing away my Pentium III PC, I decided to give it to my sister since she was using a super slow Pentium II PC at that time. That was the last I heard of it, till this year, my dad came down for a visit and as usual he complained about not having a TV, bla bla bla, need a computer, bla bla bla and so my sister informed him that she can give him one. Unfortunately he misheard it as a laptop. When we went over to take it from her, I was not only surprised that it was a desktop, but my old Pentium III PC. I'm shocked that she still keeps it! Pretty soon after that, I tried to fire it up and BOOM! the power supply exploded with smoke upon smoke emitting from the back. Well, at least I can use the monitor for now, haha.

Other ingredients that will be put into the rig to make it alive again would be this:

my spare Cooler Master power supply. This power supply is quite brand new. Was gonna sell to friends but they said too expensive and so it was only borrowed to them until they could get another power supply to get their rig up again. So it's been stuck with me as spare.

First thing I did was tore up that metal thing cause it's such a nuisance in this casing. It makes it super difficult for me to fit in the power supply with so little space to push it in.

Next gonna go find my trustee tool:

The screwdriver!!!

Lock up the power supply and the rest should be easy.

Connect up the power cables to the motherboard (more widely known as mainboard now)

Next connected the IDE cable from the motherboard to the hard disk.

and put in the RAM to the motherboard.

Do a bit of dusting, since the rig was left to gather dust. (yeeee, so dusty).

Then fired up the rig with fingers and toes crossed!
Unfortunately, first attempt failed :(
No display at all, no error beeps at all, all there was was a message from the motherboard POST BIOS code FA.
Checked the manual and there was no code for this. WTF?!?!?!
After some researching around, was convinced that it must be the RAM.
Unseated the RAM and put in one by one, and presto! Finally.

It booted up.

So I popped in a CD writer which cannot write anymore, but at least could read in there and loaded a Windows Vista Home Premium Lite edition in there. Around 10 - 15 minutes time, I have a working PC again, yay.

I'll leave it another day to move my modem nearer to this PC, so that it can connect to the Internet too. Also to install any applications in there and make it my 2nd rig purely for downloading 24/7.

Now my dad won't make a fuss anymore when he comes down since I've established a nice working PC for him now. :P
I won't even mind if he messes it up. LOL