Monday, September 07, 2009

Nescafe ChillLah Plex Contest

It was way back in the year of 2005 when I started to make some of my thoughts and my daily life publicly known through the creation of this blog of mine. The feeling of putting my thoughts down in writing, thinking up words in the best way I could possibly describe my thoughts and perusing my vocabulary to brighten up each sentence with colorful words simply motivates me in posting more at my online diary.

It was then that I discovered that writing gives me the sense of satisfaction, the fresh feeling of accomplishment.

The Nescafe ChillLah Plex Contest offers me an opportunity I could not resist.

The rules of the contest are simple but the creation of the script was not.
There are 3 main stages in the contest.
1st stage: It was to submit a movie script done either in English, Malay or Chinese with a minimum of 1 scene and a maximum of 6 scenes. Each scene must not exceed 100 words and the script must feature one or all of the Nescafe coffee can drinks. Also the dialogues of the Nescafe coffee can drinks have to be in homonyms (means two words that sound alike but have different meanings or a word that is spelled the same but have a different meaning). It has to be either a romance script, a horror, comedy or action script.

Stage 1 has already been completed. And guess what? :)
I had my script approved! And now it is at it's 2nd stage.
2nd stage involves the voting of the selected 100 scripts.

My script can be located here: A Dam-Cell In Distress
So give my script a read and help vote for me ^.^

By voting me, you'll also stand a chance of winning 4 movie tickets.
How to do so?
1) Click on the Nescafe Ad located at the top left of the sidebar. This'll lead you to my script.
2) Click on the vote button and it'll direct you to a login page.
3) If you haven't already done so, please register yourself first and repeat steps 1 and 2.
4) If this is the first time voting, please complete a slogan of no more than 25 words "I voted for this script because......". The best 20 best slogans will get to win 4 movie tickets.

Take note: 2nd time voting onwards will not require you to complete the slogan so please give some thought to the slogan when you vote the first time round!
So be sure to vote for me daily, ya? ;)
As for the final stage of the contest, I'll do a post of it at a later date.

Here I say a big THANK YOU first!!!


lionel0008 said...

Nice script~Though it will take quite a while to film it due to the action sequences

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yes lionel, I agree with you.
I got carried away writing the script. LOL

Any thoughts on how to film it? :)