Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missing Something Amiss

Have you ever gaze upon the night sky just staring at the stars? Well, in the city like PJ/KL, that's nearly an impossible feat. But maybe you have watched the starry night sky at places like Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands or a hill or countryside area. Beautiful isn't it? The vast amount of stars scattered across the sky, illuminating in the distance.

And yet, the sad fact is that you will never get to see an actual star except in photographs. What we will actually see would be where it was depending on the distance of the star. The dot of light in the sky is actually a delayed presence of where it used to be.

And that's how it feels like for me. There's always been a saying that you don't know what you got till it's gone.

I bought a couple of new things to replace my spoilt items, a new handphone and a new PC. But both just never feels right again. Both just don't give me the satisfaction my previous handphone and PC provides.

Don't get me wrong. The new Nokia Music Xpress 5800 is a nice phone, but I still prefer my old Samsung U600 over it. Here's a few facts of why I prefer my Samsung U600 over my Nokia Music Xpress 5800:
1) It looks more stylish and business-y like.
2) The slide function pawns the nothing-to-slide phone.
3) It's light and slim which I can barely feel it when I put in my front pocket to listen to music in the LRT.
4) I rather press keypads for sending sms then using a keyboard touch screen
5) The video function is really good and the camera is just as good as the Music Xpress 5800.

And why I prefer my old PC rather than the new one is because my old one somehow seems to run like a whole lot faster.

I just wish I could forget about the past easily rather than be sad about things from time to time. Just like the time when I was young and foolish and I like to play with a girl's heart. That bitter sweet experience is still stuck fresh in my mind which makes it hard to start over a relationship again because I'm afraid. It just feels as though it happened yesterday even though it was over ten years ago.