Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Japanese Word A Day

Um, this isn't really a Japanese word a day just like the Korean word a day I made, haha. It's more like from time to time I'll post a few Japanese words at a time. :P

Before we start, since this is the first segment of A Japanese Word A Day in my blog, I'll just briefly introduce the basics first.

In Japanese there are 5 sounds, a, i, u, e, o.

a - as in father
i - as in jeep
u - as in hood
e - as in egg
o - as in over

Remember, you see those vowels, that's how it sounds. Won't deviate from it. My A Japanese Word A Day will be put in Romaji (romanized Japanese) for the simplicity of learning the word.

Let's start.

Today, I'm going to put 7 words here.

1) abunai - means dangerous.
2) onna - means woman.
3) kutsu - means shoe. (By the way, the ts sound is a cross between t and s.
4) te - means hand.
5) tsuyoku - means strong.
6) kokoro - means heart.
7) uso - means lie as in not telling the truth.


chris federick said...

I always wanted to learn japanese. We always tend to learn a new language through the vulgar words 1st lol :P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

However Japanese is a little different.
Most people I know, started of knowing the word "Yamete!" which means stop due to the prevalent use in Japanese porn. haha

But dunno why most people misheard it as Yamate, which don't mean anything, or if break the word, yama-tte means somebody said mountain.