Friday, September 11, 2009

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Review

Went for the screening of Beyond A Reasonable Doubt yesterday. I kinda like the movie. It stimulates my thinking faculty and the ending, well I sure didn't manage to predict it.

Before anything more about the movie, a bit about my life first :P

Me and my partner were thinking of western food in the beginning when we got there. I was famished. Unfortunately, Mid Valley Megamall is not an easy place to locate a vacant seat in restaurants at dinnertime. Especially during the fasting month. I'm not a fan of food courts so I usually avoid those places. First I was thinking of Chilis (I didn't know that there's a Chilis in Mid Valley till I go look at the directory >.<) Then I thought, heck, let's go fast food style. Avoided McDonald's and KFC because I don't fancy those at that time and for sure it'll be packed to the brim with people. So headed to Nando's but that too was packed like mad and then I thought of KR Roast (ha, haven't use this term for so long XD), Kenny Roger Roasters, but I was told that they had no space as well. Next thing in my mind was Teppanyaki. That was worse, a whole long queue waiting to be served.

Then I spotted an eating outlet that does not have many people......Sushi King!

Wasn't in the mood to eat that but we entered the premise anyway because I don't wanna delay my dinner anymore. My stomach was already scolding me, hahaha.

I had to tell you that their service was terrible (probably due to being shorthanded on staffs) so it's no wonder that it wasn't packed. Don't expect to be shown to your seats, just find a place you like and sit yourself down :D

Took awhile to get my order taken plus when I walked in, there wasn't the usual Japanese greeting 'Irasshaimase~' which they were trained to say when people walk into the shop.

As usual ocha for drinks.

Choices, choices choices. What will I have? Hmmmm.

My delicacy. beef yakiniku........set!

My partner's choice, sakana black pepper.......set! Which I so halfheartedly took the photo because I was super hungry. So I was tucking into my din-din. Also because she's super camera shy, WTF!

Pay up and leave and as expected, no Japanese greeting 'Arigatou Gozaimashita' which they were trained to say when a customer is leaving.

Now back to the movie :)

The story is about a man named CJ Nicholas who is an investigative reporter, hell-bent into covering a story of a lifetime which is that the DA, Mark Hunter (played by Michael Douglas), fabricates evidence in cases he prosecutes.

Unfortunately for CJ, he is cast into minor storylines due to the TV station he's working with cutting the investigative department off.

But that didn't deter him from trying to get a Pulitzer Prize winning story and so in order to prove the DA's dirty ways, he framed himself for murder, lured the DA to prosecute him, and waited till he plants a fake piece of evidence before revealing his master plan.

However, the DA was one step earlier and foiled his plan. So CJ got the Assistant DA, Ella Crystal, which she romantically got involved with CJ to help him out in the situation.

So then the battle of wits mixed with danger begins.
Here's three more screenshots:

Looks like she seen a ghost.

For the last time, I'm not eating maggi mee goreng with red wine.

Hehe, I dunno man. You really look like my ex.

I'd recommend to see it if you're like me whose into those movies that makes you think.
The ending was such a surprise. It totally caught me off guard.

On an ending note, this film is actually a re-make of the 1956 film with the same title, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. Go figures.


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