Saturday, August 15, 2009

Feeling A Bit Down

Was supposed to meet fellow friends out for dinner and movie tonight, but I passed. I'm still stuck with a headache I head a week ago. It just won't go away >.<

This whole week I feel super down (and tired). Slept the whole day today just to regain my strength. Hope the past week lunch date with colleague for three days straight wasn't really bad to her. (I can't remember whether if those three date occasions were good or bad. Yes, I was that tired till everything that passed me by the week was super blurrish, as if I was dreaming. No difference. WTF)
Talk about bad timing, hope it wasn't that bad, otherwise, really sorry to her :P

All I want is just a simple life with a simple girl and a job that's not stressful. Why things turn out like that one? Life is complex, with a few complicated relationships, and a job which sucks T.T