Monday, August 10, 2009

The Business of Good and Bad

With the many events happening these past two to three weeks, good and bad, it has rendered me unable to update my blog as frequent as I want to. Events that happened around which I failed to blog about and probably will not be blogging about (due to my laziness and my sickness now) are:

The Good:
1) Hennessy Artistry

A really good party if I must say so. Got quite a number of photos that I snapped with my trustee compact camera. Uploaded to facebook, but don't think will be putting in my blog, unless I've decided to do a post on it again. Just not at the current moment.
2) MWR (Most Wanted Ruumate) Grand Finale

Didn't take much photo with my trustee compact camera all because I was holding someone else's DSLR camera, Jing aka Rachel Beh which she now is the winner of Most Wanted Ruumate for the Girls.
3) Movie Outing With Some Friends
Went to watch Public Enemies. Horrible movie. Nothing much interesting about it, but hey, someone wanted to watch Johnny Depp.
4) 2nd Movie Outing
Went out with someone to watch The Proposal, recommended by msxeroz and she was right. It was a really good comedic film to watch.
5) Silat Practice
Urm, dunno whether to put in the good or bad category, but then again, I didn't mind watching those people practicing their martial arts skills so maybe I'll just put it in the good category.

The Bad
1) Falling Sick
Think this happened about 3 weeks back instead of 1 or 2 weeks back. I was so sick, I thought I had H1N1! On a Sunday, I was so sick, I couldn't get out of bed for the whole day. Good thing I recovered the next day.
2) My Cell Phone and PC spoil!
And it happened at the same period some more. So I had to blow my wad and now I'm super broke :(
Although now I already had a new functioning phone and PC, I still miss my old phone and PC. My old phone is more stylish and kinda more feel to it, my new phone is kinda a hassle to type messages. And my old PC somewhat feels much faster than my current PC even though my current PC's specs are way way higher than my 5-year old PC.
3) A 3-day trip to Malacca
The trip was to be my sister's chauffeur to get her to Malacca for a Christian convention. The trip itself wasn't bad. The bad thing about it was when I started to fall sick, my head had a terrible headache that it felt like it was gonna burst, I had to hit my head to relief the pain. My left eye feel like it was gonna come out of it's socket and I had aches all over my body from sitting a long time on those uncomfortable chairs. What's worse, I said I wanted to rest and recuperate, but no, I wasn't allowed. I had to sit through lectures and suffer more. 1st day, I manage to bear the pain. 2nd day, I couldn't smile anymore. 3rd day, I can't talk, and sometimes I scold my sister for being annoying, haha. Lost my appetite for two days too.
4) Being sick again.
And still am. I'm still sick here. But I'm slowly recovering. Now my headache is slight and my eye does not feel like jumping out. My body does not ache but it just feels tired. Hope I'll recover by tomorrow cause I've got work to do >.<

The Neutral

These are events that were neither good nor bad because I gave it a miss.
1) Juice Anniversary Party.
2) Heineken Green Room.
3) Trip to Genting. (Went getting lost finding the way back to friend's house instead. lol)


Jing Jing said...

awww... hahahaa...

thankss for being my FOC
cameraman.... ahHAHHAahh
xD ~

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

My great pleasure :)
Get a nice experience in handling a DSLR.