Sunday, July 12, 2009

SME Solutions Expo 2009

Went to the SME Solutions Expo 2009 yesterday to have a look see look see. At first was quite lazy to go when I got up yesterday morning, but then finally decided to go and was glad that I went. Quite interesting and intriguing looking through the fair.

After getting my tag, I proceeded to make my way to the many booths.

The signature wall :)

The booths on the right side of the hall:

I entered the less interesting looking area first :P
Have a chat with some of the few booths there.
Then only proceeded to the much nicer and brighter looking side:

See, red red color, looks very ong~
Greeted by Smilds team at the entrance, they showed me to a talk that will be on at any moment at that time. So I walked to the back of the hall to have a listen to the talk. Unfortunately, the aisle I walked down was not as pleasant as I would liked it to be! I was ambushed and bombarded by credit card promoters! Shouldn't have chosen the middle aisle. Hmpph!

The talks schedules.

The one I went to was the 12 pm, business opportunity talk.
It was about online selling platform, e-commerce, only this one they give the full package from designing the web site of the e-store to payment and delivery of the goods.
This company's gonna pick up the product from you and deliver the product to your customer after your customer has paid the amount which the company will hold that sum of money. After 7 days when the item has delivered and there are no complaints from the customer, then they will release the sum of money to you.
The payment platform they use is called ipay, where they have some local bank accounts in foreign countries so that it ensures no conversion rate loss when they pay you the amount. However, the fees incurred paying by credit card will still be deducted as required by banks.
I was also told that when a customer complaints about the product they received, they will investigate it which means you only need to wait for the outcome. :)
Wanted to see further on the actual template but unfortunately, the Internet connection seems to be down so I only manage to look at the template from their user guide book.
I find that the infrastructure of it still leaves quite a lot of room for improvement and is not up to my standards for the moment. :P
The fees for the whole thing is RM5k. But for the promo price at the moment is RM3980. It's quite okay I guess for a person who don't know how to proceed and starting from scratch. But for a person who already knows how to establish their own online store would not be as worth it. For the full package, you'll receive 500 SMSes blasts, sort of like an e-mail blast to let your customer know of current happenings in your store and stuff like that and RM2000 worth of ads that can be placed in the smilds platform pages.

Other things of noteworthy I checked out was the opening of a 100 yen shop franchise.

Costs a total of around RM125k to RM127k to start. Everything in. They said no royalty fees.

Also SME magazines were giving free past month issues at their booth.

After the expo, I walked out towards the exit and suddenly found myself walking to........

The 9th KL Wedding Expo 2009!!!

Don't know why, but somehow got attracted to have a look around!
This wedding cake on display was beautiful.

After the much walking, I went to Steven's Tea Garden to have my meal:

Had mee rebus which is ok lah and an ice blended strawberry. Good but kinda sweet for my taste. They put some lychee in it too aside from the pearl thinggy.

Back home check out all the goodies I took!

So many pieces of paper~

Spot the odd thing out? Nivea for men, they gave out at the 9th KL Wedding Expo 2009.
Also found this really interesting flyer among the items:

They stick a real 10 sen coin on the flyer? Wow.


冰雨 said...

Thanks for dropping by @ our booth during SME Expo. My girls will be happy to show you more details on SMilDS if you have time later.

Meanwhile, feel free to get our latest updates @ Facebook group.

Cheers. :)