Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Samsung U600 - Slim, Sleek, Stylish

The wonders of technology has far evolved the world today. What 10 years ago seemed impossible is now a necessity in most people's lives. The mobile phone is one such example and is now something I can't do without.

I started off having one of those big mobile phones where it weighs like a brick and could very much be used as a weapon! Then upgraded myself with a much lighter and smaller device which has the basic mobile phone functions, calls and SMSes. But none has truly captivated me like the Samsung U600.

I ordered it even before it hit the shelves as I know this would be perfect for my style. When I received it and got it out of the box, it was love at first sight. The ultra slim 10.9 mm stylish slide-phone just elevates me to a much more professional look. When I tried out it's functions, it just blows my mind away.

With such a slim phone, I'm surprised that they manage to embed a 3.2MP camera into it WITH auto-focus, which no mobile phone at that time has that high capacity with auto-focus function. What awes me more is it's video capturing function. I use it to catch every rewarding moment in each occasion. It's better than my 10 MP compact camera.

Aside from that, the big screen just makes surfing the internet and checking my emails more pleasant. Using it to transact my business activities buying and selling, also keeping in touch with my clients is such a breeze for me.

The light weight of this gadget affords me to put in my shirt pocket without the weighty feeling, perfect during my commute to and from work by LRT when I use the U600 as my personal music player.

All in all, the Samsung U600 is the best mobile phone I have ever had so far. Up until this very day, I am STILL using it. I guess the only future product that might top this device in capturing my attention would be a device that would go to work for me and help me earn my money!

Posted by Kelvin Tan at 10:14 PM