Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bad Day Today

Truly had an amazingly bad day today. But more towards a bad morning because all the bad events all seems to clump towards the morning.
First incident. Awhile back I was talking about a friendly face I met at bus stop and LRT, well, today I bump into that person again while taking the bus today. This time, I smiled at her and was every way intending to strike up a conversation when the chance arise just like I said I wanted to previously, but, oddly enough, she didn't smile at me today. At the LRT, she looks like she's avoiding me or something unlike how it was before. Was it me looking extremely weird today or something? I know I'm being overly sensitive but, what the hell? This really is a first time she reacted that way towards me.
Second incident. Being a little glum from the first incident (which probably might be nothing and me being overly sensitive), I arrived at my office building and saw my colleague downstairs whilst waiting for the lift. I nod and said good morning but I was completely ignored even though they saw me. Is it really me looking really weird today?
Third incident. While I was alighting from the lift, this ham-sap poh (perverted woman) dunno what on earth possessed her molested me when I squeezed to get out! WTF?!?! I'm not even leng chai (handsome guy). I don't even make an effort to be leng chai. I don't comb my hair at all and I look and act like a freak (in my opinion).
Fourth incident. I finished doing reports and spammed to all the necessary e-mails as usual for them to proceed to whatever the hell they do with it. Only later on, near lunch time somebody came up to me and said need to input a figure in. Oh my goodness, can't she say it earlier. This means I have to redo ALL the stupid reports again and re-send them out to the necessary e-mails. That keeps me busy. *Rolls eyes*
Fifth incident. Went for lunch and they forgot to bring me my drink. When I ask about it, don't know what on earth the waiter heard and brought me a plate of veggie? Am I not speaking correctly (but I heard the waiter repeated me)? (Somehow the veggie seemed so delicious I let it be and ate it :P) It was so hard to get any waiter's attention again that somebody else actually got up and told the waiter about my dilemma. I felt so paiseh (embarrassed) after that.
Sixth incident. It was nearing 5.30pm which on a Friday I usually go back at 5.30pm sharp. Almost finishing the reports I gotta redo and will make it by 5.30pm. Just then, a barrage, no, a deluge of phone calls come pouring in which means a sudden influx of extra work drowns me.

Got me feeling really crappy in the morning. But good thing receive some few good suggestions on how to lift myself up again and did just that just before lunch to get me through the day in a less than foul mood.