Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday Outing

On Thursday went to The Sanctuary at The Curve to have a look see, look see of the Ruumz Most Wanted Meet the Finalist Party. Didn't take any pictures even though I brought my camera because my mood was spoiled at 4 pm when work come pouring in and I just felt so glum throughout the whole Thursday after that. Was suppose to meet up with some of the people and say hi to but wasn't in the mood to socialize so I just quietly slip in and slip out, haha. But a lot of them posted pics so can view them from those ruumz guys twitter page or facebook.

Well, what they did was they started around 8.30pm and they introduce the finalists where one side is the girls and one side is the guys and they do a catwalk. And later on, on stage they do a dance together with a pair of boy-girl combination.

I like Jing Cong's dancing. The video he posted for his task two got me wondering that this guy can dance but just lack variation. But on the night, he really did well in dancing and to couple with Sandra for the dance was just perfect. The two compliment well each other in dancing.
Another person's dancing that really caught my attention was David Lai's odd dancing. It's really funny seeing him dance. He was like doing the 'Statue of Liberty' lol.
And Jing Jing and Kingston really put a lot of effort into their dance. Kudos to them.
Well, sorry for no pics from me cause no mood that day. But look around. There's actually a lot a lot of pics circulating around. :P