Monday, June 15, 2009

Sick! Feel Like Hell

Friday already feeling weird. Saturday was full blown when I started to have running nose (amazing how nose can run and feet can smell!?) but thought it was just a minor cold. Kinda felt weird though because I haven't had running nose for so many years. Didn't think much of it and carried on my life lah on Saturday even though got running nose.
When Sunday came that was the worst I've encountered since having chicken pox in Form 5. I tried to wake up but my whole body just disagree with my pounding head. My eyes felt dry and tired and just keeping them open feel like a chore. My nose was partially blocked and I'm having trouble just breathing air in. My whole body just ache all over and I couldn't even stand properly. Trying to sleep but the pounding headache and the aching bones just makes it hard to rest. The finishing blow really was the uncomfortable temperature. I feel hot when the fan is not turned on so I turned it on. Within seconds, I feel cold and shivering because the fan was turned on and pulling a blanket over me didn't help at all. In the end, I decided to off the fan and just sweat like mad because it feels much better than shivering.
The outside weather didn't seem to help much either. It's hot as hell around here and the haze is thick till it reached unhealthy levels. Ever since Friday, been getting really weird downpour once a day even though with the downpour it's still hot as hell.

Decided to go see a doctor today to get the day off and rest even though I'm partially recovered from my sickness. Went over to Bangsar and was like, what the F? The nurse herself was sick. I had to return later the day to get my MC some more. Must be they ran out of it? Just two hours later when I returned there was already a stack waiting to be issued MCs?

On a weird note, there's this girl I see at the bus stop and LRT when I go through my daily route going and coming back from work. One day, this girl just seems to see me at the LRT station and smiled at me from a distance. I was thinking it must be my imagination and just sorta brush that idea away. That day, she was next to me on the LRT the whole time till her stop came up. Few days ago, a similar occasion happened. I got on the bus heading home and she boarded the bus as well and she smiled at me when she saw me. This time I was thinking to myself I didn't imagine it this time. And she definitely did seem like she smiled at me. Today, as I head towards the doctor in a really lethargic mood, she was on the bus and I was in front of her. I was wondering is that her? I can't really remember faces well nowadays. Didn't think much of it and stepped out of the bus to the LRT. In the LRT, guess what? She seemed to have gotten in to the same carriage I was in! And this time she definitely smiled at me. I got off at Bangsar LRT to go see my doctor and that's her stop as well. She smiled at me again! I keep trying to think back on what led her to smile at me because every other person just gives me a really funny look when I smile at them (yeah, sometimes I feel so happy I smile at people) and I don't remember smiling at her before. The only incident I could ever recall vaguely would be the time when the seat next to me on the bus was directly under a leaky air-cond and if I recall correctly, she sat beside me and I pointed to her that she shouldn't be sitting there because of the leaky air-cond? Is that the only incident that I have an encounter with her that is out of the ordinary? I don't know.

Maybe the next time I'll try to start a conversation. That's a challenge. Not knowing mandarin and don't know whether the person knows cantonese or english.