Saturday, June 20, 2009

Safety Issues

I thought I'd never see this day, but I've heard that this morning there was a robbery case near my condo premise. A gang of motorcyclists of 4 or 5 is lurking among the area, and rob victims that walk on that road.
I'd never thought I would hear of this happening around here because the area here is kinda busy, always there will be cars passing by and heck, it's even the bus route where two different buses pass through.
Maybe because it's a Saturday morning so there's less people passing by here? Cause on a weekday, there sure will be those that work in the business center nearby coming in and out. But I'm pretty sure some of the offices there open on alternate Saturdays too.

And just a few days ago, a friend's friend of mine became a snatch thief victim at PJ, Section 17, my old place of residence. WTF? It's getting dangerous nowadays. I use to walk quite a distance from my house to Sentosa, Section 17 for my dinner, sometimes, very late at night. And sometimes, I go 'yum cha' with my friends also very late at night and we walk also.
Just be safe and alert everyone. And help out the victims if you see such thing happening. (But don't engage the robber and try to be a hero lah. We don't want another case of Tan Chee Wai who tried to stop car thieves but was killed.