Friday, June 19, 2009

Nostalgic Songs

While I was going through my mp3 collection last week, I stumbled upon two songs that I haven't heard for quite some time that speaks volumes to my very soul. One inspires me to trudge along with life even though it seems bleak and pathetic, where moments that you can never recall a glimpse of shining happiness in your entire life and all you can ever think of are negative thoughts. The other song nurses me from the sadness of missing some of my friends who are now faraway or seemed to be nowhere in sight anymore and breakups that were hard to endure. Those songs are:

Corrinne May's 'Everything In Its Time'


Tanya Cai Jian Ya (蔡健雅) - Dang Ni Li Kai De Shi Hou (当你离开的时候)
(This is one of the few Mandarin songs that I memorized the lyrics even though I do not know Mandarin and can't read chinese characters!)

During the time of the song 'Everything In It's Time', I was working in my second job. Everything in life was great for me at that time. Why?
1) I only took about 30 minutes driving to work in the opposite direction of where all the jam was heading, so no traffic jam for me
2) Free parking is ALWAYS available to me in a restricted area and in a shady spot too! Feel so privileged.
3) Work was a breeze although I was still inexperience at that time but it was a job which really affords me a lot of free time. Hence, I started this blog to satisfy my writing urge, I played mahjong and developed this friendship with a group of mahjong 'kakis' (mates) which I miss dearly (wonder what happen to all of them?), I play games, surf net, chat online all during my working hours, daily too! Kinda regret though, cause could have done that in the afternoon and in the morning should've developed my skills which would greatly help in my career advancement. Now I'm struggling to find time to develop myself. But then again, last time, I didn't think about doing that because I wasn't as ambitious as I am now.
4) A dedicated 2MB Internet line at my disposal which I use to download loads and loads of stuff for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Yes, I leave my work computer on to download even after I leave and just restart it in the morning to make it perform faster for playing games throughout the day! 1GB file finishes in just a day! (That time I was using emule links to download on top of torrents and ed2k links finishes downloading way faster than torrents at that time.)
5) I go for a ONE HOUR breakfast every morning near the mamak store nearby DURING working hours. I come back and read the newspaper for free till I'm through with it. My Friday lunch hour is from 12:15pm - 2:45 pm (a whopping 2 and a half hours!). And actually, there's even a 15 minutes tea break in the afternoon which I don't take because it doesn't even make a difference XD
6) Driving back only takes me 15 minutes to reach home. Pay RM1 toll, zoom 120 kph. Reach home. 15 minutes. Can still see sun shining brightly because it was not even 6 pm yet. hah
7) If it's the fasting month for Malays before Hari Raya (Malay New Year), work ends at 5pm! :D
Of course, life was great with such a job. You get paid for bumming around and fixing a few computers when needed (which is not often) aaaannnndddd you get to have so much free time for your nights so hanging out with friends and having a night life is not a problem.
But I was a really negative person then and everything to me just doesn't seem perfect for me.
Therefore I moved on to better things, better prospects and better pay.

The song from Tanya was during the period of me about to leave my third job. It was a very emotional time for me back then. At that time, I was at a lost again, not knowing where I was heading as I left my job without getting another one. Gained a few good friends, moving on in life, just not knowing in which direction.

These two songs really transports me back to the past and brings tears to my eyes as I reminisce some good and bad memories.