Sunday, June 28, 2009

A New Job In The Horizon?

This seems promising but I might be able to get out of my current company and get another job elsewhere. I was asked by a colleague of mine of whether I would be interested to join since I expressed my desire to leave my current company.
Why I wanted to leave my current company is because of the uneasy environment that envelops me. That stupid now-promoted immediate boss of mine was so damn rude to me -.-*
At first, he was thinking of resigning and when he really finally got a new job offer, he showed his true colors to me. First he insulted me, then when I really told him I feel insulted, he message me saying, "That is your problem. Then blah blah blah goes on and on with his accomplishments blah blah blah some more then in the end I was really shock to see he message me bad words. Never in my entire life has anyone been this rude to me, giving me the F word, even if the person hates me, we will still try to get along with each other and won't say such rude things in front of me. Now, somebody, somehow, persuaded him to stay and he's staying but we're not in talking terms. It just makes me feel so uncomfortable working with him.

Gonna ask my colleague more about the job. Hope it can be as non-stressful and as relaxing as my current job ^.^ If all the conditions are right, I'll be seeing a jump....again. *Sigh* Changing so many jobs in such a short period of time really looks bad for me.