Saturday, June 06, 2009

MOTO W233 renew, The "Green" Phone

Can you believe this phone? MOTO W233 renew
Video Here
It's actually made from recycled plastic by Motorola in order to be more environmentally-friendly and to be, well, green. Heck, it's even green in color! In fact, that's the only color it comes in!
Although being made in the here and now of 2009, it doesn't offer much feature at all. :(
A bummer in that. But, hey, what do you expect from a recycle phone? ;)
It supports up to 2GB microSD card if I'm not mistaken but it's not very accessible since you have to open up the cover and battery to get to it. It's screen is very dim (hey, what do you expect, recycle phone) so looking at it outdoors will be a challenge. Also, it does NOT have any camera (REMINDER: recycle phone :P) so bad news for people like the Japs who like to snap away with their camera phones at anything that moves or looks cute. I'm guessing that this phone will be a whole lot cheaper since not only because it's made of recycled material but also the lack of many phone features.

This candybar type phone reminds me of the old Nokia 3210 which was super popular during my college years O_o