Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Bad News

What's with the amount of crime happening so much around?
Now I heard from someone in Malacca getting her house broken into?
But that was negligence on her housemates part. Not locking the door when leaving? Wow, that's real confidence in humanity XD
But I'm guilty of doing that once (I think it was me. Dunno whether it was me or my housemates at that time). Somebody forgot to lock the doors to my house once and the grill door was wide open, along with the wooden door inside! I got the shock of my life when my housemate told me that when he came home and discover that. Good thing there was nothing stolen. (It pays to live in a condo sometimes even if they have crappy security at that time) Living so high up on the floor, guess nobody noticed that my apartment doors were ajar except for those that lived on the same floor as me and those that have left later then me (or my housemate).
When I was renting a room in Section 17, PJ, I never lock my room door because I feel it is pointless. The reason for me thinking that way was because I already know how to open my door even without using keys. Nowadays, I see a lot of simple locks that are easy to bypass without even using keys. Kinda make me think of why people want to get such a simple door lock when it is like having none at all.
But I so love my Ipoh room door lock. It looks like a very simple lock but it actually has an anti-lock-pick device in the lock. I've tried so many times to lock-pick my Ipoh room door lock and so far I have yet to succeed.

So people, don't get those stupid knob door lock, it's easy to get through. For good locks, go for those solex type lock. Those are real solid and cannot be lock-picked. Ok, it can be lock-picked but it can only be done by super skilled locksmiths. I have still yet to master that art. :P
And siiiiiissssss, are you ready for Korea?
Here's something to drill you the basic intro again to get you in the mood:

Learn to Speak Korean - Lesson 1 (1 0f 2)

Learn to Speak Korean - Lesson 1 (2 0f 2)