Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Healing Process

False alarm. It's not swine flu that I have although I exhibit symptoms of it and sure feels like it, but I knew it just wasn't it. Otherwise, it would suck really bad getting it without leaving the country.
Went back to work today at 80% of my health recovered. The thing still needs recuperating is my throat and my voice. Really sound very hoarse like horsey right now. Guess this means no singing or screaming or shouting to release tension at the moment :( Need my throat to heal first.

Today, someone asked me if it's stressful working in my company, I answered well, not really. The subject was brought up because there were two new hires that came in today (or was it yesterday? Wasn't around yesterday so not really sure). At the end of the day, one of them quit saying it's too stressful. I was like, is it? Maybe the job function the person hold makes it stressful. For my part, this place is bearable but I wouldn't say without stress, just minimal.
Still, I just feel the need to jump ship again, this time not because of stress but rather the uncomfortable environment I'm in.