Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Driving License Renewal Online

With all the hustling and bustling activities, I totally forgot about my driving license and it expired last week. Unable to get time off work, I remembered vaguely about advertisements that I am able to renew my driving license online on top of an already vast amount of services that you can do online like paying your fines online and checking your Employee Provident Fund balance to make sure your employer do pay for your retirement fund. Since my license had already expired, I decided to give the online thing a go.

I log on to to renew my license.

On the left hand side, I put in my user ID and password and log in (I have already registered an account here before once to pay a fine)
Once you log in, on the top menu, select eservices ---> JPJ.

Click the enter button at the JPJ welcome screen:

and there you go, the option to renew your driving license online is there.

Fill in all the necessary details and select delivery for convenience and you're good to go.

Notice that there is an option in the "Collection Method" that states "Do not require renewal slip".
This is the option where you put in your driving license detail into your MyKad identity card.

When you select delivery method, extra field comes out that requires you to fill in. These are the applicant's name, address to send to, delivery to office or home and time period of delivery that is convenient.

There is a delivery charge of RM5 for delivery within the Klang Valley, RM6 for Peninsula Malaysia and RM10 charge to Sabah/Sarawak along with a RM2 e-service charge.

When all is filled and you've clicked on submit and everything is done, be sure to print a receipt or save a soft copy of it.

I've already received my license through the mail. It took them 3 days to deliver to me. Good thing it arrived safe and sound.

PS: This service that I blogged about applies to Malaysians.