Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Break From A Korean Word A Day

Being the lazy person that I am, I've decided to take a break from giving Korean words out so much :P Man, it's so difficult to learn Korean. There's so many things to memorize and it's making my head spin *_* But fear not though, I've decided to delegate my task to my blog widget~~ It looks like this:

I'll promise to keep this thing in my blog for a long, long, long, long time, even after I've been to Korea and back and decided I don't wanna go there anymore. Currently, I've placed it on the left sidebar. I'll try not to shift it so much but I really got itchy fingers so if you don't see it there please locate it at somewhere around my blog, I'll promise I'll keep it around and will inform if I decide to remove it, ok? ;)

Ok, one for the road:
jai mo dara dut ge soum ni da - jai (chai)(the j is in between j and ch sound) mo dara (like tadah!) dut (like two) ge (like get) soum (like some) ni (nee) da.
Means I don't understand!
Listen to the pronunciation here:
jai mo dara dut ge soum ni da

Ok, time for my break of Korean words. Remember, you can use the "Korean Word Per Day" widget located on the left sidebar to learn a Korean word per day. Happy learning and don't be lazy like me. haha.