Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Out with a few friends on Sunday and we went to Kota Damansara. Some wanted to eat healthy food so they purposely went on a hunt for a specific restaurant that serves 'lui cha' (green tea rice). I ate the hakka duck noodle along with green tea. Many of course went for the 'lui cha' rice and one particular friend somehow has went on some sort of a funny diet so she ordered specifically (like most of the time when she goes to restaurant) for plain soup noodles (with ingredients like fish ball noodles).
After the food fest, we went for ice kacang dessert at the food court opposite the restaurant. Two of my friends upon seeing that they serve 'lui cha' also at the food court they ordered 2nd round and shared among the two of them! I'm really amazed that they were still able to eat.

It was a really fun outing in this period of time for me. Somehow, I've been feeling kinda down in the dumps these few days. Especially today. I just hate it. How many years have I been struggling with depression and finally to break free from it and then lead a happy life and now, nowadays I'm feeling down again. It's just so frustrating.
My dad came down today again for a visit. Let's hope he don't do anything that dampen my spirits further.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A New Job In The Horizon?

This seems promising but I might be able to get out of my current company and get another job elsewhere. I was asked by a colleague of mine of whether I would be interested to join since I expressed my desire to leave my current company.
Why I wanted to leave my current company is because of the uneasy environment that envelops me. That stupid now-promoted immediate boss of mine was so damn rude to me -.-*
At first, he was thinking of resigning and when he really finally got a new job offer, he showed his true colors to me. First he insulted me, then when I really told him I feel insulted, he message me saying, "That is your problem. Then blah blah blah goes on and on with his accomplishments blah blah blah some more then in the end I was really shock to see he message me bad words. Never in my entire life has anyone been this rude to me, giving me the F word, even if the person hates me, we will still try to get along with each other and won't say such rude things in front of me. Now, somebody, somehow, persuaded him to stay and he's staying but we're not in talking terms. It just makes me feel so uncomfortable working with him.

Gonna ask my colleague more about the job. Hope it can be as non-stressful and as relaxing as my current job ^.^ If all the conditions are right, I'll be seeing a jump....again. *Sigh* Changing so many jobs in such a short period of time really looks bad for me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday Outing

On Thursday went to The Sanctuary at The Curve to have a look see, look see of the Ruumz Most Wanted Meet the Finalist Party. Didn't take any pictures even though I brought my camera because my mood was spoiled at 4 pm when work come pouring in and I just felt so glum throughout the whole Thursday after that. Was suppose to meet up with some of the people and say hi to but wasn't in the mood to socialize so I just quietly slip in and slip out, haha. But a lot of them posted pics so can view them from those ruumz guys twitter page or facebook.

Well, what they did was they started around 8.30pm and they introduce the finalists where one side is the girls and one side is the guys and they do a catwalk. And later on, on stage they do a dance together with a pair of boy-girl combination.

I like Jing Cong's dancing. The video he posted for his task two got me wondering that this guy can dance but just lack variation. But on the night, he really did well in dancing and to couple with Sandra for the dance was just perfect. The two compliment well each other in dancing.
Another person's dancing that really caught my attention was David Lai's odd dancing. It's really funny seeing him dance. He was like doing the 'Statue of Liberty' lol.
And Jing Jing and Kingston really put a lot of effort into their dance. Kudos to them.
Well, sorry for no pics from me cause no mood that day. But look around. There's actually a lot a lot of pics circulating around. :P

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Bad News

What's with the amount of crime happening so much around?
Now I heard from someone in Malacca getting her house broken into?
But that was negligence on her housemates part. Not locking the door when leaving? Wow, that's real confidence in humanity XD
But I'm guilty of doing that once (I think it was me. Dunno whether it was me or my housemates at that time). Somebody forgot to lock the doors to my house once and the grill door was wide open, along with the wooden door inside! I got the shock of my life when my housemate told me that when he came home and discover that. Good thing there was nothing stolen. (It pays to live in a condo sometimes even if they have crappy security at that time) Living so high up on the floor, guess nobody noticed that my apartment doors were ajar except for those that lived on the same floor as me and those that have left later then me (or my housemate).
When I was renting a room in Section 17, PJ, I never lock my room door because I feel it is pointless. The reason for me thinking that way was because I already know how to open my door even without using keys. Nowadays, I see a lot of simple locks that are easy to bypass without even using keys. Kinda make me think of why people want to get such a simple door lock when it is like having none at all.
But I so love my Ipoh room door lock. It looks like a very simple lock but it actually has an anti-lock-pick device in the lock. I've tried so many times to lock-pick my Ipoh room door lock and so far I have yet to succeed.

So people, don't get those stupid knob door lock, it's easy to get through. For good locks, go for those solex type lock. Those are real solid and cannot be lock-picked. Ok, it can be lock-picked but it can only be done by super skilled locksmiths. I have still yet to master that art. :P
And siiiiiissssss, are you ready for Korea?
Here's something to drill you the basic intro again to get you in the mood:

Learn to Speak Korean - Lesson 1 (1 0f 2)

Learn to Speak Korean - Lesson 1 (2 0f 2)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Safety Issues

I thought I'd never see this day, but I've heard that this morning there was a robbery case near my condo premise. A gang of motorcyclists of 4 or 5 is lurking among the area, and rob victims that walk on that road.
I'd never thought I would hear of this happening around here because the area here is kinda busy, always there will be cars passing by and heck, it's even the bus route where two different buses pass through.
Maybe because it's a Saturday morning so there's less people passing by here? Cause on a weekday, there sure will be those that work in the business center nearby coming in and out. But I'm pretty sure some of the offices there open on alternate Saturdays too.

And just a few days ago, a friend's friend of mine became a snatch thief victim at PJ, Section 17, my old place of residence. WTF? It's getting dangerous nowadays. I use to walk quite a distance from my house to Sentosa, Section 17 for my dinner, sometimes, very late at night. And sometimes, I go 'yum cha' with my friends also very late at night and we walk also.
Just be safe and alert everyone. And help out the victims if you see such thing happening. (But don't engage the robber and try to be a hero lah. We don't want another case of Tan Chee Wai who tried to stop car thieves but was killed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nostalgic Songs

While I was going through my mp3 collection last week, I stumbled upon two songs that I haven't heard for quite some time that speaks volumes to my very soul. One inspires me to trudge along with life even though it seems bleak and pathetic, where moments that you can never recall a glimpse of shining happiness in your entire life and all you can ever think of are negative thoughts. The other song nurses me from the sadness of missing some of my friends who are now faraway or seemed to be nowhere in sight anymore and breakups that were hard to endure. Those songs are:

Corrinne May's 'Everything In Its Time'


Tanya Cai Jian Ya (蔡健雅) - Dang Ni Li Kai De Shi Hou (当你离开的时候)
(This is one of the few Mandarin songs that I memorized the lyrics even though I do not know Mandarin and can't read chinese characters!)

During the time of the song 'Everything In It's Time', I was working in my second job. Everything in life was great for me at that time. Why?
1) I only took about 30 minutes driving to work in the opposite direction of where all the jam was heading, so no traffic jam for me
2) Free parking is ALWAYS available to me in a restricted area and in a shady spot too! Feel so privileged.
3) Work was a breeze although I was still inexperience at that time but it was a job which really affords me a lot of free time. Hence, I started this blog to satisfy my writing urge, I played mahjong and developed this friendship with a group of mahjong 'kakis' (mates) which I miss dearly (wonder what happen to all of them?), I play games, surf net, chat online all during my working hours, daily too! Kinda regret though, cause could have done that in the afternoon and in the morning should've developed my skills which would greatly help in my career advancement. Now I'm struggling to find time to develop myself. But then again, last time, I didn't think about doing that because I wasn't as ambitious as I am now.
4) A dedicated 2MB Internet line at my disposal which I use to download loads and loads of stuff for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Yes, I leave my work computer on to download even after I leave and just restart it in the morning to make it perform faster for playing games throughout the day! 1GB file finishes in just a day! (That time I was using emule links to download on top of torrents and ed2k links finishes downloading way faster than torrents at that time.)
5) I go for a ONE HOUR breakfast every morning near the mamak store nearby DURING working hours. I come back and read the newspaper for free till I'm through with it. My Friday lunch hour is from 12:15pm - 2:45 pm (a whopping 2 and a half hours!). And actually, there's even a 15 minutes tea break in the afternoon which I don't take because it doesn't even make a difference XD
6) Driving back only takes me 15 minutes to reach home. Pay RM1 toll, zoom 120 kph. Reach home. 15 minutes. Can still see sun shining brightly because it was not even 6 pm yet. hah
7) If it's the fasting month for Malays before Hari Raya (Malay New Year), work ends at 5pm! :D
Of course, life was great with such a job. You get paid for bumming around and fixing a few computers when needed (which is not often) aaaannnndddd you get to have so much free time for your nights so hanging out with friends and having a night life is not a problem.
But I was a really negative person then and everything to me just doesn't seem perfect for me.
Therefore I moved on to better things, better prospects and better pay.

The song from Tanya was during the period of me about to leave my third job. It was a very emotional time for me back then. At that time, I was at a lost again, not knowing where I was heading as I left my job without getting another one. Gained a few good friends, moving on in life, just not knowing in which direction.

These two songs really transports me back to the past and brings tears to my eyes as I reminisce some good and bad memories.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Healing Process

False alarm. It's not swine flu that I have although I exhibit symptoms of it and sure feels like it, but I knew it just wasn't it. Otherwise, it would suck really bad getting it without leaving the country.
Went back to work today at 80% of my health recovered. The thing still needs recuperating is my throat and my voice. Really sound very hoarse like horsey right now. Guess this means no singing or screaming or shouting to release tension at the moment :( Need my throat to heal first.

Today, someone asked me if it's stressful working in my company, I answered well, not really. The subject was brought up because there were two new hires that came in today (or was it yesterday? Wasn't around yesterday so not really sure). At the end of the day, one of them quit saying it's too stressful. I was like, is it? Maybe the job function the person hold makes it stressful. For my part, this place is bearable but I wouldn't say without stress, just minimal.
Still, I just feel the need to jump ship again, this time not because of stress but rather the uncomfortable environment I'm in.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sick! Feel Like Hell

Friday already feeling weird. Saturday was full blown when I started to have running nose (amazing how nose can run and feet can smell!?) but thought it was just a minor cold. Kinda felt weird though because I haven't had running nose for so many years. Didn't think much of it and carried on my life lah on Saturday even though got running nose.
When Sunday came that was the worst I've encountered since having chicken pox in Form 5. I tried to wake up but my whole body just disagree with my pounding head. My eyes felt dry and tired and just keeping them open feel like a chore. My nose was partially blocked and I'm having trouble just breathing air in. My whole body just ache all over and I couldn't even stand properly. Trying to sleep but the pounding headache and the aching bones just makes it hard to rest. The finishing blow really was the uncomfortable temperature. I feel hot when the fan is not turned on so I turned it on. Within seconds, I feel cold and shivering because the fan was turned on and pulling a blanket over me didn't help at all. In the end, I decided to off the fan and just sweat like mad because it feels much better than shivering.
The outside weather didn't seem to help much either. It's hot as hell around here and the haze is thick till it reached unhealthy levels. Ever since Friday, been getting really weird downpour once a day even though with the downpour it's still hot as hell.

Decided to go see a doctor today to get the day off and rest even though I'm partially recovered from my sickness. Went over to Bangsar and was like, what the F? The nurse herself was sick. I had to return later the day to get my MC some more. Must be they ran out of it? Just two hours later when I returned there was already a stack waiting to be issued MCs?

On a weird note, there's this girl I see at the bus stop and LRT when I go through my daily route going and coming back from work. One day, this girl just seems to see me at the LRT station and smiled at me from a distance. I was thinking it must be my imagination and just sorta brush that idea away. That day, she was next to me on the LRT the whole time till her stop came up. Few days ago, a similar occasion happened. I got on the bus heading home and she boarded the bus as well and she smiled at me when she saw me. This time I was thinking to myself I didn't imagine it this time. And she definitely did seem like she smiled at me. Today, as I head towards the doctor in a really lethargic mood, she was on the bus and I was in front of her. I was wondering is that her? I can't really remember faces well nowadays. Didn't think much of it and stepped out of the bus to the LRT. In the LRT, guess what? She seemed to have gotten in to the same carriage I was in! And this time she definitely smiled at me. I got off at Bangsar LRT to go see my doctor and that's her stop as well. She smiled at me again! I keep trying to think back on what led her to smile at me because every other person just gives me a really funny look when I smile at them (yeah, sometimes I feel so happy I smile at people) and I don't remember smiling at her before. The only incident I could ever recall vaguely would be the time when the seat next to me on the bus was directly under a leaky air-cond and if I recall correctly, she sat beside me and I pointed to her that she shouldn't be sitting there because of the leaky air-cond? Is that the only incident that I have an encounter with her that is out of the ordinary? I don't know.

Maybe the next time I'll try to start a conversation. That's a challenge. Not knowing mandarin and don't know whether the person knows cantonese or english.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Driving License Renewal Online

With all the hustling and bustling activities, I totally forgot about my driving license and it expired last week. Unable to get time off work, I remembered vaguely about advertisements that I am able to renew my driving license online on top of an already vast amount of services that you can do online like paying your fines online and checking your Employee Provident Fund balance to make sure your employer do pay for your retirement fund. Since my license had already expired, I decided to give the online thing a go.

I log on to to renew my license.

On the left hand side, I put in my user ID and password and log in (I have already registered an account here before once to pay a fine)
Once you log in, on the top menu, select eservices ---> JPJ.

Click the enter button at the JPJ welcome screen:

and there you go, the option to renew your driving license online is there.

Fill in all the necessary details and select delivery for convenience and you're good to go.

Notice that there is an option in the "Collection Method" that states "Do not require renewal slip".
This is the option where you put in your driving license detail into your MyKad identity card.

When you select delivery method, extra field comes out that requires you to fill in. These are the applicant's name, address to send to, delivery to office or home and time period of delivery that is convenient.

There is a delivery charge of RM5 for delivery within the Klang Valley, RM6 for Peninsula Malaysia and RM10 charge to Sabah/Sarawak along with a RM2 e-service charge.

When all is filled and you've clicked on submit and everything is done, be sure to print a receipt or save a soft copy of it.

I've already received my license through the mail. It took them 3 days to deliver to me. Good thing it arrived safe and sound.

PS: This service that I blogged about applies to Malaysians.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

MOTO W233 renew, The "Green" Phone

Can you believe this phone? MOTO W233 renew
Video Here
It's actually made from recycled plastic by Motorola in order to be more environmentally-friendly and to be, well, green. Heck, it's even green in color! In fact, that's the only color it comes in!
Although being made in the here and now of 2009, it doesn't offer much feature at all. :(
A bummer in that. But, hey, what do you expect from a recycle phone? ;)
It supports up to 2GB microSD card if I'm not mistaken but it's not very accessible since you have to open up the cover and battery to get to it. It's screen is very dim (hey, what do you expect, recycle phone) so looking at it outdoors will be a challenge. Also, it does NOT have any camera (REMINDER: recycle phone :P) so bad news for people like the Japs who like to snap away with their camera phones at anything that moves or looks cute. I'm guessing that this phone will be a whole lot cheaper since not only because it's made of recycled material but also the lack of many phone features.

This candybar type phone reminds me of the old Nokia 3210 which was super popular during my college years O_o

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Break From A Korean Word A Day

Being the lazy person that I am, I've decided to take a break from giving Korean words out so much :P Man, it's so difficult to learn Korean. There's so many things to memorize and it's making my head spin *_* But fear not though, I've decided to delegate my task to my blog widget~~ It looks like this:

I'll promise to keep this thing in my blog for a long, long, long, long time, even after I've been to Korea and back and decided I don't wanna go there anymore. Currently, I've placed it on the left sidebar. I'll try not to shift it so much but I really got itchy fingers so if you don't see it there please locate it at somewhere around my blog, I'll promise I'll keep it around and will inform if I decide to remove it, ok? ;)

Ok, one for the road:
jai mo dara dut ge soum ni da - jai (chai)(the j is in between j and ch sound) mo dara (like tadah!) dut (like two) ge (like get) soum (like some) ni (nee) da.
Means I don't understand!
Listen to the pronunciation here:
jai mo dara dut ge soum ni da

Ok, time for my break of Korean words. Remember, you can use the "Korean Word Per Day" widget located on the left sidebar to learn a Korean word per day. Happy learning and don't be lazy like me. haha.