Sunday, May 24, 2009

Small Thoughts On Leaving the Routined Life

Just got back from dinner and 'yum char' session. My friend who's from Malacca, Eugene, is spending his last week here and wanted to do something before his so-called 'retirement'. Well, I don't think he would wanna go for my suggestion because I'm more towards the 'wild' side when it comes to entertainment which don't quite suit his personality. Maybe we might go sing K together. See whether he agree to it or not! XD
Speaking to him has kinda rekindled my interest to throw away my job and start life all over again by just concentrating on my part time job and part time study (which I so very much procrastinated it from finishing). This time, I think I wanna start my own business lah (but haven't thought of what to do yet :sweat:sweat:)

Maybe I'll dabble into this:

No, not art, being a superhero!!! Minus the wearing of underwear outside and the superpowers of sorts. Just being a vigilante like 'The Punisher'. Course, I think I'll be dead in a few days if I were really to do that. haha

And for that I bid good~night. Sigh. Back to routine life for the time being.