Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's still hot like mad in the city of Pee Jay of Malaysia. There's not much of rain around nowadays. It usually sort of just drizzle a bit and stops which makes the weather even more hotter. There was one week that went by without rain at all! The Star paper published about some minister commenting that the dry spell is gonna last till October. October? Are you kidding me? That'll sure kill me if that ever comes true~

Surprisingly, when my dad went back to Ipoh again, my busy-ness just starts to decrease mysteriously. Nowadays feeling kinda bored but also feel like just wanna chill-out/hang-out and do nothing but laze around. Kinda lazy to blog also nowadays. But somethings can't be avoided that will always need to be done:
1) Carrying on with WORK routine (Thinking when will I ever gonna get out of this rut again)
2) Cleaning my whole place (Not too bad since I do like my place to be nice and clean. Gotta find the willpower to really tidy up my room)
3) Doing grocery shopping (Seems to have intensified to at least once a week. Now I understand why my family always go shopping once a week and still need to buy so many things!)
4) Occasionally taking my car out for a spin and to wipe it so that it remains clean (Ever since I got this new job beginning of this year, I stopped driving to work and take the LRT instead. Although I love to drive, but lazy to do so when I come back from work because just feel so tired nowadays, especially in this weather)
5) Running errands. (There's always something that needs to be done. It increases through age =.= Even more so when you live by yourself!)