Friday, May 08, 2009

Food Pics


Club Sandwich

Yum, yum. Long time haven't stop by Chilis to eat, so yesterday decided to go One Utama to eat at Chilis. I had the fajitas which came with those flour tortilla and sour cream, guacamole and lettuce as condiments.
After satisfying myself, went to MPH and have a look see. Haven't bought a book in years. Still haven't even though I went there! Later on, went to buy shoes and browse the cinema to see what's coming up and to remind myself what is showing.
Before I know it, it was closing time and I went to my car to go home. To my horror, I forgot where I parked my car! I was so used to remembering which shop I came from and retrace my steps from the shops but this time, the shops were closed and I couldn't go through the same way I came from. After much exercising in the car park area where I walked and walked and walked in search of my car, I finally found it hiding in a corner which I couldn't even remember parking in that spot!
Oh well, I'm turning into a basket case!