Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Feud

waazzuupp!!! I'm back! So streamyx has improved a little, good for them! I've been waiting so long for them to get back to normal speed. Till now they still haven't done so. Haven't try out playing mahjong yet, but I think it should be okay since when I check the connection by pinging, it shows quite okay. But it's still slow=.= hmmph. Torrenting seems to crawl and direct downloading is really painfully slow. At least I can blog again.

My dad was down here for a visit and he chose such a bad time too. Well, good time for him because he wanna get away from the paint smell since my family is getting the house back in Ipoh repainted. But bad time for me, he just came at the time when things start to be busy again. This early part of the month was kinda good and relaxing, no calls for fixing computers and stuff like that, but just when he decided to come......*BOOM*.....I start receiving calls for help and projects from work just piled in an instant.
fail owned pwned pictures
On top of that, he's making me feel like I wanna tear my hair out on that computer thing! First he come down saying, - Oh, my 2nd sister is gonna give him a laptop to use around the house. And I thought it was true so I was happy he won't be bothering me. Then on Sunday, he comes in to my room and says, oh, your sis tells us to pick it up at her place. And my sis got a bit pissed off because I said I have an appointment and can't come so soon. I have to go to my appointment first before going to her place. So there were no choice but to wait for me to return. When I went to my sis place to pick up the laptop, to my horror, they brought in a desktop. Not just any desktop. It's my former PC which I gave to her when I got a new computer around 5 years ago. I'm surprise she still keep that old thing around. What I was really pissed about was he starts complaining on why I bring other people's old PC home. Now look who's talking.
What's more, the very next day, I returned from work and he said no Microsoft Office. So I was thinking okay, install for him. When I insert my CD in, I look at the desktop and there was Microsoft Outlook there which means there should be Microsoft Office inside already unless my sis just installed Microsoft Outlook alone. I click on the start button and sure enough the whole Microsoft Office programs are there. Also in place of my WORKING monitor (which god knows where he put it, must've thrown it away) he put the PC there. I just dowan to talk about this anymore, cause talking about these things is pissing me off even more.