Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Brementown Musicians

Was watching Mini Moni - Brementown Musicians the other day.
At first, I thought that it would be a very boring show, a typical Japanese tv show and wouldn't amuse me at all. But to my surprise, it was quite entertaining. Perhaps it's still too early to determine that because I've only watch 4 out of the 12 episodes so far. Here are some screenshots of the show:

After watching it, about a few days later, to my surprise I discovered that Brementown Musicians is actually a children's book!
The story was about a donkey who was not useful to it's owner anymore for he had became old. And so, he set out to Bremen to become a musician there. Along the way, he met other animals (a cat, a dog and a rooster) who were discarded by their master too and the donkey invited them along to go to Bremen with him to become musicians there and live a happy life. As they were journeying to their destination, they reached upon a farmhouse/cottage and decided to perform for the occupants in hopes of being fed. So they hop on one another's back and started to perform. Unbeknown to them, the house occupants were actually robbers and upon hearing the strange sound of the animals performing, they ran for their lives thinking it was a ghost. The four animals took over the house and lived happily ever after.
If you wanna read about it (or be read to!), go here:

This version of the book, though, is played down in the sense that it didn't have the moral of the story that was featured in the Japanese tv show.
In the link above, it merely highlighted lightly of the donkey's departure from his farm (even had such a kind owner giving him a bag of corns) and bumping against the other animals along the way. But in the Japanese tv show, it highlighted that all four animals were abandoned by their owners because they're no longer useful and hence set out on the journey to Bremen. The moral in the Japanese tv show is that even though a person may not be a successful person or even a failure, having teamwork with another person could make it successful because the other person covers the person's weakness. I thought that was very innovative and interesting way of looking at such a simple story and a good team building story.

Another interesting thing to note is Bremen is actually a town in Germany, which is the country in which this fairy tale is originated. There is actually a statue of the four animals based on this tale in that town!

Notice the front legs of the donkey are shiny. It is believed that touching the front hooves of the donkey will make wishes come true! Strange but true fact.

Certainly an intriguing plot revolving around in such a simple story.