Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Korean Word A Day - Part 2

Alright, I think I procrastinated this long enough. Let's go with some Korean words.

You're Welcome (To reply a thank you) - cheonmaneyo (ch as in chili, chon-mah-ne (as in horse's neigh) -yo)
Sorry - jwesonghamnida
My name is ..... - je irum eun .....(insert name here) im ni da. (je - jay eerum eun (un, the e kinda silent). All the i sounds are as in India.
or you can go with:
cho eun (insert name here) im ni da. (This also means I'm (your name here)).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspirational Stories

About awhile ago, I posted a blog entry about a children's book called something like Brementown Musicians. I find it quite inspirational and motivating.

Was going through my old e-mails and doing some spring cleaning and I found something interesting which was sent to me which I'd like to share it out. It's an inspiring and motivating story about teamwork, something like the Brementown Musicians. This one starts off with the all too familiar The Hare and The Tortoise story where we know very well of the contents and it's lesson. But the story of this one keeps continuing and has more lessons to it. It certainly did inspire me and motivate me and I would like to share with people on this upbuilding story. It's put in a powerpoint presentation:

The Hare and The Tortoise

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Magic Coin Through Table

Here's a neat little trick I found that you can impress your mates!
Sitting across from your chumps, place the coin on the table.
Covering the coin with your fingers, pretend to pick it up but let it fall into your other hand. Remove any rings you are wearing on the bottom hand - the trick will be given away if your audience hears the coin land on your ring.

Slap your top hand onto the table while hitting the coin on the underside for sound effect.

Pull the coin from under the table and display with an almighty "booya."

Here's where you can see it in action:

Coin Through Table Trick

On a side note, UEFA Champions League 2009 Finals!!! Barcelona VS Manchester United, a dream final. Who's your money on? My prediction: Manchester United 2 - 0 Barcelona. :P
Match date and time: 2009-05-28 (Today) 02:45 (Malaysian time). Astro ESPN channel 812 is gonna show it live.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Small Thoughts On Leaving the Routined Life

Just got back from dinner and 'yum char' session. My friend who's from Malacca, Eugene, is spending his last week here and wanted to do something before his so-called 'retirement'. Well, I don't think he would wanna go for my suggestion because I'm more towards the 'wild' side when it comes to entertainment which don't quite suit his personality. Maybe we might go sing K together. See whether he agree to it or not! XD
Speaking to him has kinda rekindled my interest to throw away my job and start life all over again by just concentrating on my part time job and part time study (which I so very much procrastinated it from finishing). This time, I think I wanna start my own business lah (but haven't thought of what to do yet :sweat:sweat:)

Maybe I'll dabble into this:

No, not art, being a superhero!!! Minus the wearing of underwear outside and the superpowers of sorts. Just being a vigilante like 'The Punisher'. Course, I think I'll be dead in a few days if I were really to do that. haha

And for that I bid good~night. Sigh. Back to routine life for the time being.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's still hot like mad in the city of Pee Jay of Malaysia. There's not much of rain around nowadays. It usually sort of just drizzle a bit and stops which makes the weather even more hotter. There was one week that went by without rain at all! The Star paper published about some minister commenting that the dry spell is gonna last till October. October? Are you kidding me? That'll sure kill me if that ever comes true~

Surprisingly, when my dad went back to Ipoh again, my busy-ness just starts to decrease mysteriously. Nowadays feeling kinda bored but also feel like just wanna chill-out/hang-out and do nothing but laze around. Kinda lazy to blog also nowadays. But somethings can't be avoided that will always need to be done:
1) Carrying on with WORK routine (Thinking when will I ever gonna get out of this rut again)
2) Cleaning my whole place (Not too bad since I do like my place to be nice and clean. Gotta find the willpower to really tidy up my room)
3) Doing grocery shopping (Seems to have intensified to at least once a week. Now I understand why my family always go shopping once a week and still need to buy so many things!)
4) Occasionally taking my car out for a spin and to wipe it so that it remains clean (Ever since I got this new job beginning of this year, I stopped driving to work and take the LRT instead. Although I love to drive, but lazy to do so when I come back from work because just feel so tired nowadays, especially in this weather)
5) Running errands. (There's always something that needs to be done. It increases through age =.= Even more so when you live by yourself!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Feud

waazzuupp!!! I'm back! So streamyx has improved a little, good for them! I've been waiting so long for them to get back to normal speed. Till now they still haven't done so. Haven't try out playing mahjong yet, but I think it should be okay since when I check the connection by pinging, it shows quite okay. But it's still slow=.= hmmph. Torrenting seems to crawl and direct downloading is really painfully slow. At least I can blog again.

My dad was down here for a visit and he chose such a bad time too. Well, good time for him because he wanna get away from the paint smell since my family is getting the house back in Ipoh repainted. But bad time for me, he just came at the time when things start to be busy again. This early part of the month was kinda good and relaxing, no calls for fixing computers and stuff like that, but just when he decided to come......*BOOM*.....I start receiving calls for help and projects from work just piled in an instant.
fail owned pwned pictures
On top of that, he's making me feel like I wanna tear my hair out on that computer thing! First he come down saying, - Oh, my 2nd sister is gonna give him a laptop to use around the house. And I thought it was true so I was happy he won't be bothering me. Then on Sunday, he comes in to my room and says, oh, your sis tells us to pick it up at her place. And my sis got a bit pissed off because I said I have an appointment and can't come so soon. I have to go to my appointment first before going to her place. So there were no choice but to wait for me to return. When I went to my sis place to pick up the laptop, to my horror, they brought in a desktop. Not just any desktop. It's my former PC which I gave to her when I got a new computer around 5 years ago. I'm surprise she still keep that old thing around. What I was really pissed about was he starts complaining on why I bring other people's old PC home. Now look who's talking.
What's more, the very next day, I returned from work and he said no Microsoft Office. So I was thinking okay, install for him. When I insert my CD in, I look at the desktop and there was Microsoft Outlook there which means there should be Microsoft Office inside already unless my sis just installed Microsoft Outlook alone. I click on the start button and sure enough the whole Microsoft Office programs are there. Also in place of my WORKING monitor (which god knows where he put it, must've thrown it away) he put the PC there. I just dowan to talk about this anymore, cause talking about these things is pissing me off even more.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Internet Problem

Crappy Streamyx Internet line!!!!
I'm experiencing ultra slow Internet connection at the moment.
Started on Friday evening and up until today it's still slow.
Although this morning the speed improve abit compared to the past two days.
So bad that I can't even play mahjong online. It was super slow and I was so embarrassed to keep everyone waiting for my turn.
Sorry folks. Blame it on the Internet!
I'll get around updating my blog as soon as speed is back to normal. Right now it's just so hard to do anything with this kinda speed. Can't even surf websites!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stay Tune For Updates

Sorry for not updating my blog these past week. Been pretty busy with projects all around.
Will get round to it as soon as I can find the time. Hang tight, ya? -.^

Friday, May 08, 2009

Food Pics


Club Sandwich

Yum, yum. Long time haven't stop by Chilis to eat, so yesterday decided to go One Utama to eat at Chilis. I had the fajitas which came with those flour tortilla and sour cream, guacamole and lettuce as condiments.
After satisfying myself, went to MPH and have a look see. Haven't bought a book in years. Still haven't even though I went there! Later on, went to buy shoes and browse the cinema to see what's coming up and to remind myself what is showing.
Before I know it, it was closing time and I went to my car to go home. To my horror, I forgot where I parked my car! I was so used to remembering which shop I came from and retrace my steps from the shops but this time, the shops were closed and I couldn't go through the same way I came from. After much exercising in the car park area where I walked and walked and walked in search of my car, I finally found it hiding in a corner which I couldn't even remember parking in that spot!
Oh well, I'm turning into a basket case!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Brementown Musicians

Was watching Mini Moni - Brementown Musicians the other day.
At first, I thought that it would be a very boring show, a typical Japanese tv show and wouldn't amuse me at all. But to my surprise, it was quite entertaining. Perhaps it's still too early to determine that because I've only watch 4 out of the 12 episodes so far. Here are some screenshots of the show:

After watching it, about a few days later, to my surprise I discovered that Brementown Musicians is actually a children's book!
The story was about a donkey who was not useful to it's owner anymore for he had became old. And so, he set out to Bremen to become a musician there. Along the way, he met other animals (a cat, a dog and a rooster) who were discarded by their master too and the donkey invited them along to go to Bremen with him to become musicians there and live a happy life. As they were journeying to their destination, they reached upon a farmhouse/cottage and decided to perform for the occupants in hopes of being fed. So they hop on one another's back and started to perform. Unbeknown to them, the house occupants were actually robbers and upon hearing the strange sound of the animals performing, they ran for their lives thinking it was a ghost. The four animals took over the house and lived happily ever after.
If you wanna read about it (or be read to!), go here:

This version of the book, though, is played down in the sense that it didn't have the moral of the story that was featured in the Japanese tv show.
In the link above, it merely highlighted lightly of the donkey's departure from his farm (even had such a kind owner giving him a bag of corns) and bumping against the other animals along the way. But in the Japanese tv show, it highlighted that all four animals were abandoned by their owners because they're no longer useful and hence set out on the journey to Bremen. The moral in the Japanese tv show is that even though a person may not be a successful person or even a failure, having teamwork with another person could make it successful because the other person covers the person's weakness. I thought that was very innovative and interesting way of looking at such a simple story and a good team building story.

Another interesting thing to note is Bremen is actually a town in Germany, which is the country in which this fairy tale is originated. There is actually a statue of the four animals based on this tale in that town!

Notice the front legs of the donkey are shiny. It is believed that touching the front hooves of the donkey will make wishes come true! Strange but true fact.

Certainly an intriguing plot revolving around in such a simple story.

Monday, May 04, 2009

~~Mahjong ^^ Mahjong~~

Recently I found myself getting hooked on to mahjong again.
I used to play a lot a few years back with my online buddies. In fact I guess I play every night and a lot of times in the day time as well. Started off not knowing how to count the fans (points in Cantonese) until one day I ask someone online where the guy taught me a little. He taught me the lazy version where you don't need to count much. If the rule is 3 fan then just play all one suit with honors or play all pong.
In mahjong, there are three suits (Bamboo suit, wan suit, circle suit):

A pong is the three same tiles together. A chow is a meld of three running numbers like 1,2,3 or 4,5,6 or 2,3,4. You can only chow from a discard tile from the person on your left whereas a pong can be done from any tile that is discarded from any person at that time the person discards (Hope I'm not complicating things!). Of course drawing the tiles yourself is even better than taking from people's discard. That way you can surprise your opponent, ya?

Anyway, other things that can affect fan are the honor tiles and flower tiles.

From left to right, east wind, south wind, west wind, north wind, red dragon, green dragon, white dragon and flower tiles. Mahjong game starts off a round with the prevailing wind as east. After each person has been the dealer and lost as the dealer, the next round where the south wind as prevailing wind will begin. It is always in the order of east, south, west and north. Having a pong of the prevailing wind will earn you 1 fan.
The start of each round will begin with the person who is the east wind as the dealer. Next will be the person who is the south wind as the dealer. This is determined in the beginning, where each player throws three dice with the one having the highest number will be east. Also, having a pong of your own wind gains you 1 fan. So if your wind is also the prevailing wind, that means you'll get 2 fan for just having a pong of your wind.
A pong of dragons is 1 fan so if you have 2 of it, then it'll be 2 fan. But if you have all three dragons, it's 5 or 6 fan (depends on which variation of mahjong you're playing). If a two pongs of dragons and one dragon pair, it's 4 fan.
If you draw the winning tile, that also is 1 fan. A kong is having four of the same tile and when you kong, you draw another tile. So if you kong and draw the winning tile, that is 2 fan.
As for the flowers, you notice that it has a number in each one, 1-4. 1 is east, 2 is south, 3 is west and 4 is north. Having a flower of your wind gains you 1 fan. If you have a set, 1-4 of red or blue flowers then it's 5 fan (I think).
Each player has 13 tiles and in order to win, you need to have pongs and chows (melds) along with one pair (14 tiles, since you need to draw or take the discard tile to win).

Kinda complicated game, but really addictive to me! There's many mahjong variations too and there are special winning hands like the one below:

It's called 13-yew (13 wonder) which is the limit hand. You get maximum points for that.
Well, that's all I can say on how to play mahjong. Not a very comprehensive guide, probably quite a boring one, huh? What can I say, it's such a complex game but I love it!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Back Into My HappY State

I'm back to my happy self again. :)
I've gotten over the rotten feeling when the new marketing person came and left so soon. Now I'm back to my normal happy self again where I feel nothing can ruin my euphoric mood ever and that life is as wonderful as it can get.
I guess partially I owe it to the long break that I'm having now which is a whopping four days in a row. But of course tomorrow's time off from work is for me to clear up some errands of mine. Will probably meet up with some ex-colleagues to have lunch with. On second thought, maybe not. Hope this happy state of mine last long.
Right, gotta go meet a friend for din-dins, er, dinner. Chows~

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

やった!!! おめでとう!!! (I did it!!! Congratulations!!!)
A few post back I was mentioning about the desire to learn again. Well, last year, when I was still having my uber nice job, I had a very strong desire to learn and improve myself. I was halfway done in finishing up my MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) certification but dragged on till this year till I lost the desire to complete it. I'm now, only an MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator). I actually had 3 more exams to go till I become MCSE 2003 certified but kinda lazy to continue now with the amount of work at hand. I did mentioned that I had the desire to start again didn't I? Well, the next topic I was preparing for was a wee bit too difficult for me. I'm struggling to continue.

Anyway, last year around December, I had the sudden urge to get myself certified in my Japanese language. And about a month ago......this was the result:

I finally got my cert!!!! But this was only level four which is the lowest level. Don't even know why I took it but now I'm glad I took it because my level 3 didn't make it. :(
All because my grammar was really out of touch plus I'm not good with the Kanji words so if the sentence contains a kanji word that I don't know how to read, that's the end of the question. I can't answer it if I don't know what it means.
For your info, there are four levels, four being the lowest and 1 being the highest. This year though, there will be an additional level in between level 2 and level 3. So the levels will be revised to N1 - N5 with N1 being the highest and N5 being the lowest.
When I went to took the test which was in UPM last year, I was surprised at the amount of people taking the exam. I think there were closed to a thousand people there. The place was reaaaallllly buzzing with people.
Still thinking of whether to take again this year (the exam only comes on once a year). If I do I really gotta start practicing again. Otherwise the results will be the same as last year. O.o

Friday, May 01, 2009

Korean Numbers

Hello, let's continue Korean lesson.
Today, we look at numbers.
1 - il
2 - ee
3 - sahm (So common. Thai, Chinese, Japanese all sound the same in three)
4 - sah
5 - oh
6 - yuk
7 - chil
8 - pal
9 - ku
10 - sip

Take note that there are two forms of numbers in Korean. This one is mainly used in money, addresses, phone number and so forth.
If you wanna say the number of items (quantity) like 2 bottles of beer, 4 cars and so forth, it's as below:

1 - hana
2 - tul
3 - set
4 - net
5 - tasot
6 - yosot
7 - ilgop
8 - yodolp
9 - ahop
10 - yol


A little more on Korean pronunciation, it's s sound is not exactly s, but like it's pronounce like there's an h in the front. Like out of breath saying s. Also the l is not exactly l but in between l and r just like the Japanese r but Korean's sounds more like l whereas Japanese sounds more like r.

Here's a cute Korean number song (for entertainment purpose only!)