Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Korean Word A Day

Well, gonna help my sister out in learning Korean words and anyone who's going to Korea for that matter. Just found out that Korean is actually really hard to learn with the pronunciation of the same consonant changing depending on whether it's coupled with a vowel or another consonant or is it at the end of a word. Nonetheless, let's just start simple by putting some common everyday words then maybe later on I'll put more details on it. (By the way, it's not exactly A Korean Word A Day as I don't think I'll be that hardworking in putting one each day. Rather I might just put up a few when I post.)

neh - Yes.
(Pronunciation pretty much like English, like the horse neigh, only thing is the the intonation sounds like in the middle of a sentence like you read halfway the a in a sentence.)
a-ni-yo - No.
(Pronunciation - a as in father and ni as in niece and yo as in yolk. Stress on last syllable.)
kam-sa-ham-ni-da - Thank You. (I'm sure most of you would know this since this one is very common)
(kam -like come. sa is sa and the rest is just what you see. a as in father and i as in him.)
a-nyong-ha-se-yo - Hello. Can also be used as how are you. Also very common, think you should know it by now. a as in father, e as in say, nyong as in song, and yo as in yolk. Goodbye is not much different. Just change the ha to ka and add a hi in front. So it's:
a-nyong-hi-ka-se-yo - Goodbye :) Take note this goodbye is said to a person who is leaving and you're staying. If you're leaving its:
a-nyong-hi-kye-se-yo - The kye, is a cross between k and g with the word e. Almost like saying can.

Okay, I think that should be enough for these few days. I'll try to understand more of this language (So difficult).

Meanwhile: try out the memorizing of consonants and vowels!


To hear how it actually sounds like go here:
Korean Pronunciation

Take note the consonant was only coupled with the first vowel so it takes a softer approach for example the first consonant, it sounds more like k than g and the 3rd consonant sounds more like t than d. ^^ HaPPy TRyiNG!!! ^^