Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passport to International

Recently, the government has been blacklisting tax dodgers from leaving the country by not allowing them to leave the country. I just found out after that news that there's actually a website for the Immigration department and there, you can check whether are you allowed to leave the country or blacklisted.
The website is:
Here's where to check the status of whether you're clear for takeoff:
Travel Status Check

Here's how it looks like and where to key in....

After keying in your ID number in the text box, click the 'check' button below the text box to proceed with the checking.
And if there's no restriction it should look something like this...(minus the smiley face and comments with the red arrow, of course)

And if you're blacklisted, it'll look something like this:

Here's the default Malay Version:

That's it. That's done. \/*~*Happy~Traveling!*~*\/