Friday, April 10, 2009

Kaboom A Disc Again

Once again, I've managed to explode a CD again.
I once had a CD exploded in my CD-ROM during my Pentium III days. At that time, I wasn't even using or accessing the CD at all! It just decided to spin really fast in it and +BOOM+ an explosion was all I heard. At that time, I didn't know what that loud noise was. I looked around my PC and everything looks fine. Checked the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and it was fine. Sniffed around for any burning scent - nothing.
I only discovered that it was the CD that exploded the next morning. Turned on my computer and looked suspiciously at the CD drive on the windows explorer showing that it was empty when I clearly remember that I had a CD in it. When I ejected the drive, bits and pieces of the CD dropped out. It was the HP printer driver CD at that time.
On Wednesday, I did it again! This time it was a costly one:
~ A Genuine Office 2003 Standard CD ~
Here's what's left of it.

Gosh! Twice in a lifetime?! That's way too many times for me >_<