Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guest Blogged

I 'guest blog' for somebody yesterday. The entry was regarding the advancement of technology. Here is where you can read it:

Actually was kinda thinking of putting the topic about this on my blog some time ago. All and behold, came across an interesting topic in the forum, asked a few questions, exchanged a few messages and voilĂ , suddenly I became a guest blogger for Emily. Kinda interesting getting to post in somebody else's blog. Maybe I'll do it again for someone else. Just had to wait and see. Only time will tell. 'Wait and see' and 'time will tell', ha, two of Utada Hikaru's song.

On another note, April is passing reaaaaalllyyyy slooooowwwllllyyyyy. Partially it's because it has no Public Holiday in it and it's after the first three months of many public holidays. Oddly enough this is also the month where I had quite a bit of free time and that's when I try and spend my moolah around. All thanks to no phone calls coming in this month to ask me to fix their computers. Strangely enough, my homely type of personality altered into outgoing mode and I started visiting some shopping malls to have a walkaround.

With the many recent developments of Petaling Jaya of late, shopping malls are booming around as if the economy never took a downturn at all! We have Tropicana Mall, NZX, Jaya One, Jaya 33 which all these came up recently and they're still developing the business centre cum mall named Paradigm! I have to say that the government is stupid to allow all these development to come up when they haven't done a thing yet to alleviate the traffic condition. I remembered when the Kelana Jaya Giant came up (Which doesn't make much sense when there's already a Giant which is of smaller size nearby. Still operational when they should've closed it) there was a traffic havoc right in front of it. All because cars are stuck to enter the parking lot which extended the line right up out to the highway. Then only the government realize it's mistake. Then only they closed the entrance from the highway and the only way in was through the back way. This merely complicates the road system and cause confusion for motorists. Typical Malaysian road.