Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Downhill of a Job

Here's the thing -----> I'm beginning to hate my job.

My IT boss is beginning to get on my nerves. I know he's a nice guy and such, but piling pressure on me, choosing to change his mind in a whim of fancy? My goodness, why on earth is he my boss?

Yesterday, we were having our weekly meeting and just suddenly he decided that we should just tell him an update of what's happening around? If you want us to do a highlight of what happen for the past week instead of sharing the documents for you to go through just say so beforehand!!! Is it so difficult to tell us so that we can prepare? What's with the you guys should be talking instead of me talking all the time? You're the boss, you're the one who chaired the meeting, why are we suppose to talk? Isn't the chairperson suppose to be the one talking?!
Really miss my third job's boss. That's the best boss I've ever had. Every Friday weekly meeting was a pleasure not a pressure. It's more like a time to hear his stories and experience and not only an update to him of what we are doing or has been done. Also a time where he can advice us on matters on how to proceed if we're stuck. He's also a really good boss because he always stick up for us. Wouldn't just leave you in a lurch if other people is being difficult to you. Not like my current boss. "Just have to learn how to deal with these people"?! These people respond differently to me because I'm having a lower position. If you say the same thing of course they'll accept your reasoning because of your position! If I say the same thing they'll be all defensive and start talking all sorts of nonsense to make you to either agree with them and if you don't they'll just complain about you.
This is not the the first time he changed his mind all of a sudden either. My assistant has been complaining about him on that a few times too.

Speaking about my assistant, that's the 2nd reason why I'm beginning to hate my job. That guy although is helpful (which I'm grateful of that, that's why I tolerate him) just wouldn't stop talking. During lunch, he would go on and on and on about some stale news or his warped opinions (but sometimes tend to be okay) or about politics or what his friend told him (which is where he got his stale news from) but in the end just wanted to show off that he knows quite a lot and that he's smart. Little did he know (which I never told him), that his info is usually old news or just half of the story which he heard from his friend.

And don't get me started on his command of English. Sometimes that tend to bring trouble due to miscommunication (Thank god not from me yet. Usually I clarify things for him). He just talk and talk and talk. One day, when he just started working here, I didn't realized that he asked my opinion so frequently that I failed to get a single thing done on that day. And now because of that, people tend to think I'm slow in doing things.

What did I do to deserve this? Can't I just get a nice decent job that allows me to have a life?

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