Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Days Of Laziness Arrives

For the whole of this week, it's been really, really hot. And this heat has affected me to the degree of sleeping difficulty at night. Ever since Monday, I've been dozing off at work, mornings and afternoons. As soon as 10 o'clock arrives, it's dozing off time again! This will happen all the way till lunchtime. Then after lunch, at 2.30pm, it starts again! Right up until 5pm where it's real close to going home time. And the cycle just repeats itself the next day again.

Trying to revive my studies again (which I've been lazily avoiding ever since my previous 2 jobs!) and I tell you it doesn't seem as easy as it used to be anymore. My motivation for increasing my knowledge has depleted to the extent of a great struggle with my laziness. Just reading a few lines on IT books or practicing my Japanese seems like a chore that is really heavy. I hope this is just a temporary setback. I really hope that pretty soon I can become that person who really thirsts for knowledge again. In the meantime, it's just a ginormous (~by the way, this is actually an English word!~) battle inside my head.

These past few days, a lot of people from my company took leave too! Plus if you take a look around the streets these past few days (Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya that is), it's not as congested as it's suppose to be. It's as if people has some sort of connection where they planned to take leave together!

Nothing much exciting happened recently, merely going through the motions. Oh yeah, today my assistant told me that he'd probably won't be able to last 6 months in this company due to our IT boss' unhelpful behavior. He said he might be leaving in a month or two. Well, let's see how it goes, it's really up to him and I'm not gonna stop him if he's that unhappy.