Saturday, April 04, 2009

Days of Foul Mood Returns

I'm still in a foul mood.
This coming 5th will be my confirmation but no surprises one side of the company has offered quite bad comments.

My boss on the IT dept mentions to me that he's baffled receiving two very different comments on two sides. One side just mentioned a lot of good comments while the other, which comes as no surprise, offers bad comments. That dept has a really hard to please General Manager which I had a bit of a bad term with her because I don't like spending all my time ensuring only her side has no problems. I like to schedule my own time on when I can rectify their problem WITHOUT informing her every freaking day on what's the progress of it.

No matter, my boss wants me to be confirmed and asked me I just gotta learn on how to deal with different people.

Still won't change my foul mood which started on Tuesday. The bad comments got to me and made me feel mad. Kinda feel that there won't be an increment in my salary upon confirmation which also makes me mad. Might as well stay unconfirmed until six months.

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